A Gentle Soul Rescued a Terrified Dog—And His Gratitude Will Bring You to Tears

A Gentle Soul Rescued a Terrified Dog—And His Gratitude Will Bring You to Tears

This pup’s post-rescue joy will 100% make you cry.

By Kristyn Pomranz

All regular readers of Unleashed know that every time we share a new Hope for Paws video, it results in us crumbling into a sobbing mess at our desk. If you’re sitting there wondering why we do this to ourselves, it’s because dogs are so pure and their gratitude is so real that it renews our faith in the world even as we straight-up blubber into our laptops.

In this latest video, Hope for Paws’ founder Eldad Hagar says he received a phone call about an abandoned dog in the middle of a construction site. When the team arrives to the work zone, the dog simply sits in the center of the ditch-filled, muddy lot, too terrified to move. Even with the “lucky leash” and treats, the pup seems nearly paralyzed.

But with a lot of patience and a little coaxing, the Hope for Paws team successfully saves the dog—whom they name Odin—and rush him to a hospital. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, and after receiving a little bit of TLC, he is a completely changed dog: Filled to the brim with smiles and energy, the once-petrified pupper now radiates joy!

It’s no wonder Odin has already found a loving fur-ever home (courtesy of Much Love). Enjoy the video of his rescue and subsequent transformation!

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