Tiny Yorkie is Saved from Being Crushed to Death in a Heart-Pounding Rescue

Tiny Yorkie is Saved from Being Crushed to Death in a Heart-Pounding Rescue

You'll be holding your breath until she's safely out.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Most Hope for Paws Animal Rescue videos leave us crying. (Please see: Okay, This Rescue Video of a Thankful Pit Bull Just Made Us Sob for 5 Minutes, or A Gentle Soul Rescued a Terrified Dog—And His Gratitude Will Bring You to Tears.) But today’s video tugged at our heartstrings in a very different kind of way.

Hope for Paws’ founder Eldad Hagar received a text about a dog hiding under a propane cabinet at a gas station. Upon arrival, the team found that the teeny-tiny Yorkie was so deeply wedged under the tanks that she literally could not get out. After erecting a fence so that the pup wouldn’t take off running, one of the rescuers tried to coax the dog out, but the cabinet base was too low for her to move. Frightened and flattened to the ground, it looked as though the tiny dog was too crushed to be saved—until Eldad’s quick thinking helped dislodge her in the nick of time.

After saving the dog’s life and getting her all cleaned up and healthy, Hope for Paws was able to identify her owners through a missing dogs website. It was an emotional reunion, but also an important reminder to always get your pets microchipped: it helps save lives. 

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