5 Hot Boozy Drinks That May Help Us Survive This Stupid Winter

5 Hot Boozy Drinks That May Help Us Survive This Stupid Winter

We're going to need every single one of these.

By Aly Walansky

While we’d like to make like bears and hibernate until spring, the reality is that we just have to deal with this ridiculous winter. Hot boozy drinks may not turn back time, move us forward any faster or make the streets any less icy, but we may be able to handle it all a little better.

1. Irish coffee

A hot cup of coffee can warm your hands, insides and soul on a cold afternoon. Spiked is even better, as in this Irish Coffee With Hazelnut Whipped Cream recipe from Joyfully Mad Kitchen. Irish Coffee is just coffee with a splash of Baileys, but in this case it's made richer with homemade hazelnut whipped cream.

2. Mulled wine

If you're using your slow cooker a lot this winter to make soups and stews, don’t count it out for drinks too. The Magical Slow Cooker makes a strawberry spiced mulled wine by dumping red wine, apple cider, brown sugar, strawberries and a variety of warming winter spices into a slow cooker for two hours. Super-easy, and a great option for when you're serving a crowd.

3. Hot toddy

A Scottish spin on the cold weather classic, this hot toddy by Scotsman is a blend of Scotch, honey, hot water, cloves, lemon and sugar. The author of the recipe calls it a “liquid hug in a glass,” and we’re inclined to agree.

4. Coconut rum hot cocoa

If you're craving something more tropical lately, Self Proclaimed Foodie makes a super-rich hot cocoa by mixing milk, half-and-half, and a bunch of bittersweet or dark chocolate with coconut rum and whipped cream. Trust us: You'll want to drink a whole lot of it right about now.

5. Hot buttered rum

Hot buttered rum: What's not to love? This one, by Multicultural Cooking Network, is pretty similar to a toddy but involves rum instead of whiskey.

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