5 Places Experiencing Unusual Heat to Travel This Winter

5 Places Experiencing Unusual Heat to Travel This Winter

Thaw your chilled bones.

By Tamara Palmer

There's a reason why seasonal affective disorder has the acronym of SAD: When the glorious sun is in short supply, happiness sure can feel hard to come by. But there's a salve, if not maybe even a cure! Climate change, looming threat of global devastation that it is, is hooking up travelers with higher than average temperatures this winter. Consider these destinations should you want to chase sunlight before the clocks spring forward:

1. Negril

Spring break just came early. The temperature here in Jamaica is expected to be about 10 degrees above average, or between 82 and 85 degrees, for the next three months at the beach, where all-inclusive resorts compete for your relaxation dollars. It doesn't typically get too much hotter even in the summer, according to Accuweather averages.

2. La Palma

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This diminutive yet volcanic member of the Canary Islands has black-sand beaches, waterfalls, plenty of adventure for hikers, and sunny winter days that hover around 70 degrees.

3. Miami

After record-breaking temperatures in December, Miami Herald observed in a headline, "Winter in Miami Feeling a Lot Like Summer in Miami." According to Live Science, the entire southern part of the United States is expected to have a sunnier-than-average winter. For upper 70s and low 80s, hit the shores of Miami Beach before the annual rush of people flood in there in late March.

4. Phoenix

Been pining to make that trip to the Southwest? Winter is a good time to consider Arizona, and in Phoenix proper you're going to get lovely sun this winter with fairly mild temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to the low 80s. It actually hasn't gotten cold this year at all, which has prompted the local NBC station to call it "the year without a winter." That's because high pressure has been setting up in the area, bringing with it a 50 to 60 percent chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures.

5. Sydney

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Ah, the traditional January choice for cold people the world over. It is summer in Australia, and in Sydney that means sunny temps mostly in the 70s from January through March. Cocktail o'clock is never far away on the coast.

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