How Attracted You Are To Someone Can Depend On How Long You've Known Them

How Attracted You Are To Someone Can Depend On How Long You've Known Them

Tha math may surprise you.

By Marianne Garvey
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If you hook up at a bar because you're attracted to the person, there's a strong chance it could last. Hear us out. 

According to a study conducted by Northwestern University, the length of time partners know each other before becoming romantically involved can determine how long the attraction/relationship lasts.

Couples who met then began dating right away were found to be similar in attractiveness, and found each other to be similarly attractive, the study showed. But those who started off as friends found their attractiveness came later, and wasn't as important.

Data was collected from 167 couples—67 of the couples were dating and 100 are married. The length of the relationships ranged from three months to 53 years.

After each couple was interviewed on camera, the results determined that the longer a couple had known each other before dating, the "larger the attractiveness gap."

But that could be a good thing. 

“Having the time to interact with others in diverse settings affords more opportunities to form unique impressions that go beyond one’s initial snap judgments,” Lucy Hunt, lead researcher of the study, said in a statement.

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