How George Clooney And Amal Met - Their "Fates Were Sealed" That Night

How George Clooney And Amal Met - Their "Fates Were Sealed" That Night

She knocked his socks off, basically. 

By Personal Space Staff
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A dinner party sealed the deal for George Clooney and Amal Clooney.

George’s parents Nick and Nina Clooney attended a dinner party in Italy with George in 2013, where Amal happened to be with a few mutual friends, reports People

“Nina and I were actually the ones who answered the door when Amal came in,” Nick said. “She introduced herself to us and we talked. She was obviously very charming, gorgeous and so clearly accomplished, but by the time we had supper that night, it was clear there was a kindness to her and an inclusiveness.”

George was immediately impressed, Nick says.

“By the end of supper, I started looking over at Nina and saying, ‘Look ouuuut, this could be trouble for this young man!’” Nick said. “I really think by the time that first (meeting) was over, his and her fates were sealed, both of them. She was so remarkable and he was so remarkable around her.”

George felt something right away, and acted different than he had in any other previous relationship. Sorry ladies.

“It was just different than all the other relationships I had seen him in, and I had watched them all from the time he was 13,” Nick said.

Now the happily married duo are parents to twins. Fate indeed.

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