How to Be Single and Still Have the Best Valentine's Day Ever

How to Be Single and Still Have the Best Valentine's Day Ever

You don't need a significant other to enjoy the day.

By Jen Glantz

It's a month away, but you may be panicking already. Don't let February make you feel extra blue about being single. Instead, take control of the one day a year when couples show too much PDA to do something fun, fearless, and fresh for yourself.

Make a personal vow to yourself that this year will be different. Here are five ways to be single and still have the best V-Day ever.

1. Take a solo vacay

Pack your bags and take off for a few days to a spot you always wanted to visit. Think traveling alone will make you lonely? Book a trip to an all-inclusive resort or go on a cruise, where meeting people is part of the fun.

2. Sign off the internet

Sign out of all of your social media websites and delete the apps off your phone. Try not to spend the day wishing you were living one of your friend's lives, who you saw smiling next to a dozen roses and a teddy bear the size of your empty love seat.

3. Bucket list

Spend the day doing something daring, something you have wanted to do for a while but haven't had the motivation to do. Make the day memorable for a reason that means something special to you and only you.

4. Do nada

Why not spend the day in pajamas, binge watching TV, ordering in take out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and topping it off by eating every single dessert in your fridge? There will be nobody there to judge you.

5. Do something nice for a stranger

Whenever you're feeling down in the dumps, and V-Day can make any single girl feel that way, the best thing you can do is something nice for a stranger. Little things like holding the door open for them, giving out a compliment, or even buying the person behind you a cup of coffee, will make you realize that a day centered around love, is really just a day that we can all use to be kinder to the human beings around us.

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