Can This One Weird Trick Banish Anxiety During Turbulent Flights?

Can This One Weird Trick Banish Anxiety During Turbulent Flights?

Experts say yes.

By Tamara Palmer

Turbulence is a common source of anxiety among even seasoned flyers, but there's a lot you can do to combat it, from choosing a seat in front to downloading an app that shows when bumpy times are ahead. Those are actions that require a bit of advanced preparation, and if you didn't make those arrangements and find yourself in a choppy spot in flight — fear not.

A Today report claims that all you really need to have to alleviate your discomfort with turbulence is a pen and something to write on when things get shaky. Write your name down using your non-dominant hand — something you may never have attempted before in your life. Unless you were born naturally ambidextrous, this should require quite a bit of concentration. It probably won't be the prettiest calligraphy you've ever executed, but the idea is it can draw your mind away from the imminent fear and help you manage the anxiety.

"It's crazy: I never thought this would help but it's pulling my attention away from the turbulence completely," testified Jovanna Billington, a fearful traveler (and Today producer) who agreed to try the trick while turbulence was simulated onboard a mock airplane.

There's nothing to lose in trying it next time you get scared on a flight, and you might be on your way to achieving ambidextrous penmanship as the side benefit you never knew you needed.

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