Wait! 9 Insider Tips to Know Before You Dare Book a Flight to Europe This Summer

Wait! 9 Insider Tips to Know Before You Dare Book a Flight to Europe This Summer

Plus: Here's the cheapest day of the whole summer to fly!

It's a tricky time to go to Europe in terms of getting good flight deals. Why?

Well, due to the expansion of low-cost carriers and a strong dollar, more Americans than ever are looking to book a trip to Europe, Forbes notes. And that means that flight demands will be high, and in turn, we can expect higher-than-normal ticket prices.

But, don't fear: There are some ways to get good deals when you book your tickets if you know what you're doing. Thanks to research from Cheapair, here are nine highly specific ways you can save on your summer travel to Europe. (And the more you save on tickets, the more you can splash out on a little boutique hotel or fun activity, right?)

1. June 5th is the least expensive day of the month to travel to Europe.

2. Choose to fly at the beginning of the week.

Specifically, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Wednesday is the best of the three, "saving you an average of $134 more than travel on a Saturday."

3. Don't fly on July 1st!

It's the most expensive day of the whole summer to fly to Europe.

4. July 12th is the least expensive day in the month to fly to Europe.

5. August 5th is the most expensive day to fly in the month.

Avoid it!

6. The cheapest day to fly in August is the 16th.

So that's a good starting point for planning a late-summer trip.

7. Overall, flights in August are way cheaper than flights in June and July.

As the summer comes to an end, you'll see prices come down $152 less than in July, on average.

And perhaps most importantly of all...

8. The cheapest day to travel the entire summer is August 28th.

9. To save even more you can go after Labor Day (but then it's not really summer).

The easiest way to save money when you travel is to be flexible on your travel dates and times. Many websites show prices mapped out on a calendar, so if you are flexible with your dates, this is a golden tool. You can also check the "flexible with dates" option, bringing up the best deals within three days of your ideal travel date.

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