How To Break Up With Your Boss and Quit Your Job In the New Year

How To Break Up With Your Boss and Quit Your Job In the New Year

Go ahead, leave that job you hate.

By Jen Glantz

If you have already made the mental commitment that this year is the year you are going to break up with your cubicle and say goodbye to your boss, who is giving you stress-induced nightmares, you may be wondering how and when to quit your job. Skip wasting time researching step-by-step tutorials of how to leave your job and and listen to these four tips that will help you pull the plug on your current career without chickening out.

1. Have a game plan

You may have recurring dreams of rattling off, “I quit." Before you put in your two weeks notice, make sure you have a game plan. Whether that's living off your savings for a few months while finding a new job or setting up interviews the week you quit so that you can put feelers out there, have some idea of what to do next so that you’re not left regretting your decision to leave your job when you can’t pay your bills.

2. Plan your words

Quitting your job is a lot like breaking up with someone, it can be messy. Make sure that you are saying what you need to say and only that. Write out your “I quit” speech, memorize your monologue and explain why it’s time to move on.

3. Draft an email

After you’ve parted ways in person and told your boss that you are done. you’ll want to send him or her, and potentially the HR department, a formal email stating your resignation and the completion of your two weeks. Give them paper copies of that letter too, as a double whammy.

4. Do it at the end of the day

Even though you’ll want to get the whole thing over with, plan to quit at the end of the day or even the end of the week. That way, after you deliver your monologue and send your email draft, you can heasd out in the elevator, then go and celebrate the accomplishment of saying goodbye to your job and starting fresh somewhere else, or even as your own boss.

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