Want To Date a Victoria’s Secret Model? Step 1: Workout (With Them)

Want To Date a Victoria’s Secret Model? Step 1: Workout (With Them)

Lais Ribeiro, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio tell us what turns them on.

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Most heterosexual men can agree – dating a Victoria’s Secret Model would be #lifegoals. Not only are these women beautiful, charismatic and successful, they’re fit, too. 

In preparation for this year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show, in Shanghai, three stunners – Lais RibeiroAdriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio– took us under their wings (literally) and showed us how to Train Like An Angel, in New York City. 

After sweating it out in their favorite studio classes, we wanted to know what kind of guys increase their heartrates to the same pace.

Realistically, the chances of dating a VS angel are as likely as dating an actual angel — but if any single dude wants to increase their odds — fellas: start studying here…

What are your favorite workouts?

LR: [305 Fitness] is one of my favorite ones, because as a Brazilian, I love to dance.

AL: In New York City, I go to two gyms: Dogpound and AEROSPACE. At Dogpound, I come to work out certain body parts – something more technical and focused in a certain area. I usually focus on my abs, glutes and legs there. Every exercise – I love – they’re actually not easy. I enjoy the challenge.

AA: My go to work out is Tracy Anderson Method.  I have been working with Tracy for last couple years, and what I love about her classes that it does not feel like exercise. It is almost like taking a fun dance class that targets all of your muscle groups and you get amazing results. I usually work out 3-4 times a week but before the show I try and do it at least 5 times, plus I add in some yoga and or a hike. 

Have you ever had a workout-inspired date? What kind of workouts are best for that?

LR: I love Pilates. It’s really good for toning and boxing. I do it all the time with my boyfriend. All the time, we go to Dogpound together. It’s really tough and it’s good for me, because he’s pushing me through. Sometimes I’m like, ‘c’mon, you’re not my trainer’ but it’s fun to do a couples’ workout.

AL: I would love to workout with my husband – if there is one in the future. I would workout with a date, with a friend, with my family.

AA: If you count me and my fiancée going to a yoga class together, then yes.

What’s the most romantic a significant other has done for you?

LR: Actually, it was when we met. It was only three months that we were together – we didn’t know each other [very well]. He had a birthday surprise for me, and he invited all my friends, and I had no idea – so I’m going to this restaurant and I’m so tired because I was working – I was like, ‘it’s my birthday, can we just do something at home?’ and he was insisting. When we got there, it was this huge table with nobody there. We’re sitting down, and I was like, ‘can you please just order for me? I’m so tired.’ I just turn around and I see my friends with flowers and everything. About 12 [people]. Even the menu had my picture on it. It was very cute.

AL: I’m a romantic person. I like old-fashioned things, like I love letters. If you take your time and write a letter, I love it. I like to write as well – I can be kind of a poet, sometimes. It’s all about personality and not being afraid to be vulnerable and showing your emotions: being loyal and being happy and just being positive about everything in life.

AA: A candle lit dinner outdoors under the stars. I flew a day to surprise someone!

What is your ideal date night? Go out or stay in?

LR: I think it depends on the mood. I like to watch Netflix. I love to dance too. Depends what mood I’m in!

AL: Candle lights. Cooking dinner, Brazilian food: Caruru. That’s something that we cook with okra. It’s very exotic, and we use palm oil and coconut oil, and it’s a bit spicy, too. Sitting down and having a nice conversation at home – that’s my perfect date night. 

AA: Definitely a dinner with an amazing view, so something by the ocean is always great.

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