Boy Bye: 10 Big & Small Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Boy Bye: 10 Big & Small Ways to Get Over a Breakup

Sorry, we ain't sorry.

By Courtney Thompson

Beyonce is many things to all of us, but the reigning queen (Bey) of breakup anthems is certainly one of them. I went through a particularly heart-exploding breakup years ago, which happened to be perfectly timed to the release of “Single Ladies” and—no joke—that song got me through some tear-drenched, sloppy drunk times. And then Lemonade came out last year and, while I’m happily married now, the single “Sorry” almost made me wish I had someone to be angry at…it’s that good. In the words of our "Independent Women" icon, “Middle fingers up, put them hands high, wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye.” Never were truer words sung.

There are lots of phases we go through amidst the dissolution of a relationship, and the key to surviving all of them is remembering (and even re-discovering!) you’re self worth, regaining your confidence and reminding yourself daily that you are going to be JUST fine. But getting into that mindset doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires some effort on your part. Below we’ve rounded up 10 items to help you get back to your 100—don’t underestimate how frivolous things like fancy shoes and fragrances can help heal that broken heart of yours.

So say it with us: You is smart, you is kind, you is important. And oh yeah, you is hot AF, too. So let’s fly this through healing phase so we can get you right back on the market again, mmk?

The Emotional Outlet

Let your resentment—or, um, thoughts—flow like a river onto the pages of this super pretty journal. Who knows, this could be the start of your great screeplay. Mini Notebook

BUY FROM: Amazon, $12

The Fresh Start

Sleep time should be zen time…not cry time. Read: You don’t want to remember your ex when you slip under the covers. Invest in some beautiful bedding that screams, "New Beginnings!" And that will never, ever remind you of those nights you spent together.

Serena & Lily Cayman Sheet Set

BUY FROM: Serena & Lily, $128-$258

The Time-Filler

Did you and your boo Netflix and chill all the time? Then it’s time to take a break from the ‘Flix and commit yourself to Amazon Prime instead. Bonus: No more anxiety about missing plot lines while you’re engaging in sexy time.

Amazon Prime Subscription

BUY FROM: Amazon, $33/3 months, $99/1 year

The Detox

Rid yourself of all those lingering toxins with this seven-day detox that focuses on boosting energy, digestion and mental clarity. After one week you’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll have a newfound balance in your life.

Clean Program 7 Day Detox

BUY FROM: Detox Market, $195

The Splurge Item

Are we that hard to understand? Nope. It’s as simple as this: We love shoes. And they make us happy. And after what you’ve been through, guuuurl, you deserve these. (And given their velvet construct, you can wear them straight through the holidays. We maybe be heartbroken…but we’re still practical!)

Aquazzura Harlow Velvet Pearls Platform Sandals

BUY FROM: Bloomingdale’s, $950

The Scent

Is there anything more intimate than a scent? Well, yes, but the point is that fragrances tend to remind us of certain people, places and events that, post-breakup, we’d rather forget. Invest in something totally different—like this Ellis Brooklyn unisex scent that skews clean and crisp and new!new!new!—and you’ll be well on your way to forging new memories with someone else.

Ellis Brooklyn Rives Eau de Parfum

BUY FROM: Spring, $100

The Revenge Body

Remember that scene in The Breakup when Jennifer Aniston walks by her fictional ex (Vince Vaughn) totally naked, looking incredible? Pretty much every girl who’s ever watched that movie has thought to herself, “That. Is. Awesome.” But it takes some work to look as good as Aniston, so get to it, sister.

Bosu Sport Balance Trainer

BUY FROM: Amazon, $99.95

The Vacation

Breakups can also be restarts. Clear your mind, set new goals and oh yeah, pamper the sh*t out of yourself. Bora Bora seems like a great place to reboot your batteries, no?

The St. Regis Bora Bora

BUY FROM: Starwood Hotels

The Puffy Eye-Hider

You want your skin to be glowing…not blotchy from crying. This eye mask will get you there. While we’d like to pretend real dragon’s blood is used in these, it actually named after an Amazonian tree that bleeds red sap when tapped. The results, however, are anything but a let-down, and will leaving your eyes looking brighter than they did on even your relationships best days.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $49 for 8 pairs

The Reading Material

Part self-help book, part choose-your-own adventure, Never Liked It Anyways is full of challenges for newly-single peeps to get up and moving (and off the couch). Build a terrarium, clean out your closet, go to the batting cages…the challenges are fun and will get even the loneliest heart out of the breakup rut.

Never Liked It Anyway : A Fun and Feisty Guide to Beating the Breakup Blues by Annabel Acton

BUY FROM: Amazon, $11.50

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