How To Survive A Cruise Hookup When You Can't Escape Them On The Boat

How To Survive A Cruise Hookup When You Can't Escape Them On The Boat

There are some rules that don’t apply on land.

By Delaina Dixon

Planning a cruise? You’ll do a safety drill before the ship sets sail. But there’s no safety manual for your cruise hookups, which can lead to some very awkward encounters.

After a tough breakup, Rachel, a 37-year-old digital analyst from Jersey City, N.J., took a cruise on a popular line that sets sail from her home state. “I needed to get away, have some fun – kiss some boys,” she says.

And that she did.

“The first guy was just 25, and we made out on the dance floor in the nightclub,” she reveals. That was fine, until she returned the next night, and he was dirty dancing with another woman.

“If you see the guy you hooked up with last night with another chick, who cares! You already knew what this was going to be at the onset,” declares celebrity matchmaker Jasmine Diaz, creator of the online dating Superhero School. “You had a fling with a hot guy! Don’t allow one-night to define or ultimately alter your cruise plans.”

Rachel’s next guy was more age appropriate and the guy she really wanted to spend time with, but afterwards, “He kind of kept his distance, and I was really bummed out about it,” she confesses.

“The worst thing you can do is hook up with someone on a cruise and slot them in your mind as the next love of your life,” Jasmine says. “Not only are you setting yourself up for eventual heartbreak, you are most assuredly making what could be a great cruise incredibly uncomfortable.”

Jasmine suggests keeping personal facts to a minimum. “Once you let someone into your personal space, you’re more inclined to feel disappointment when something they say or do lets you down.”

Speaking of uncomfortable, finding a private place to hookup can be a challenge as well, since most people travel and bunk with family and friends. “I hooked up in a cabana in the adults-only section of the ship, with a strategically placed towel,” says one seasoned cruiser.

And while hooking up with an employee is against the rules, it happens more than you think.

“Family bathrooms, backstage in the theaters or lounges and the deejay booth are popular spots -- Ideally the room is sound proof and lockable and in some cases have multiple exits in case someone comes knocking,” reveals one former staffer from another popular cruise line. “But you have to watch the security cameras.”

It’s best to manage your expectations and realize your cruise romance will most likely expire once you disembark.

“Of course, anything can happen and some real-life romances occur on cruises,” Jasmine says. “If you know what you’re signing up for ahead of time, your heart will come out just fine.”

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