How to Try On Engagement Rings Without Leaving Your House- Yes, It's Possible

How to Try On Engagement Rings Without Leaving Your House- Yes, It's Possible

There's even an app for that. 

By Jen Glantz

Your engagement ring is a piece of jewelry you'll most likely have forever. Unless something awful happens, consider it a statement piece that you'll wear on your finger every single day. 

That's why it's important that you pick out one you like before your significant other pops the question.

If you're too lazy to store hop and try on rings, or you just want to find the right shape diamond in private, there are ways to do that.

Here are some tools to use so that you can find the engagement ring of your dreams without putting on pants and leaving your house.

1. Play dress up

Instead of bothering a jeweler in person to let you try on every single ring they have on display, you can use an at-home service that mails ring options to you. Four Mine is a service that lets you browse rings from their catalog, pick three you like, and then get them sent to your home so that you can pick your favorite style.

2. Try them on virtually

If you’re looking to secretly try on rings without anyone know you’re browsing, go with the virtual route.

 An app called Say Yes uses hand recognition to scan your hand, and then integrates augmented reality technology to virtually put different ring options on it. After digitally trying on the rings, you can buy the one you like straight through the app, or send a screenshot to your partner, to give them the ultimate hint. 

3. Go vintage

Maybe you’re in the market for a vintage style ring that you think you’ll only find if you hunt for it in-person. But fear not, there’s an app for that too. The app Vintage Engagement Ring let’s you browse and share over 30 different styles of vintage engagement rings so that you can find the ones you love before buying it.

4. Design it yourself

You might know exactly what kind of ring you’re looking for but you might not be able to find it at any store. The website Ritani offers tools that let you create your style by mixing and matching stones with different ring shapes. That way, you can create and buy the ring of your dreams without any complications. 

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