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I Gave Myself a Beer Blowout and Got The Shiniest Hair of My Life

The classic rinse will never go out of style—because it actually works.


By Wendy Rose Gould
Chow Tips: Pouring Beer

No, this isn’t a college frat party story in which I drunkenly bump into someone’s solo cup and inadvertently wind up with a head covered in cheap beer. This is a story of journalistic reporter integrity in which I purposefully pour beer all over my hair in the name of beauty. I did a little research and discovered that there are several reasons why beer makes for an awesome quickie condition. Malt and hops contain proteins that nourish and strengthen, alcohol cleanses and makes hair noticeably shinier, and the sugars fortify hair cuticle to also increase shine.

Turns out, the classic “beer hair rinse” has been around for quite some time. Proof: I distinctly recall my mom and aunt talking about it even before the Internet existed. Double proof: beauty companies have formulated products with beer so as to harness its hair and skincare benefits. For example, Lush’s Cynthia Sylvia Stout is a pub-inspired shampoo that literally incorporates beer from a local brewery, and Duffy’s Brew has an IPA beer shampoo and conditioner, as well. There’s also BRÖÖ, which offers an entire craft beer-infused haircare line, as well.

Props to the brands who formulate beer products, but I’m both frugal and resourceful, so I opted to skip the middleman and consult my fridge for a bottle of honey-wheat before heading to the shower. Here’s what my day two hair looked like before:

Not so bad, right? I take care of myself! But, no one's perfect: It’s noticeably a little dry on the ends, a little lackluster in the mid-shaft, and a little oily at the top. It also felt a little starchy or crispy, and needed good washing.

In the shower, I washed per usual and then forewent my usual conditioner and instead carefully dumped the entire bottle on top of my end. The major drawbacks were that it was cold and, well, that it smelled like beer. That said, I loved the fizzing sensation from the carbonation, which felt like tiny angel hands delicately massaging my scalp. I let the beer set for five minutes and then rinsed with lukewarm water.

Once out of the shower, my wet hair didn’t feel as silky or conditioned as it usually does, and I was admittedly skeptical. However, once I started blow drying I could see and feel a physical difference. It laid better, was hands down softer than usual, and looked way shinier, too. The only downside is that for about an hour after my hair did smell slightly yeasty (boyfriend confirmed), and it didn’t hold curl as well as usual.

But guys. Yeasty scent be damned! Here's what my hair looked like after blow drying:

For the rest of the day, I could not stop running my fingers through my hair! Here's my freshly beered hair in action:

washed my hair with beer! 🍻💁🏼

A post shared by wendyrgould (@wendyrgould) on

So would I repeat the brewski blowout? Definitely! Maybe once a month or so if I happen to have a spare beer lying around and remember to tote a bottle to the shower. I mean, it’s a $2 conditioner that delivers. Anyway, this whole thing gives new meaning to the term “shower beer," yeah?

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