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I Tested Out The Bobby Pin Winged Eyeliner Hack And Am Now a Believer

Weirder things have been used for eyeliner hacks, TBH.

By Wendy Rose Gould
The Hottest Beauty Trends Of 2017

It seems like every other day a new makeup hack has been developed by a pro beauty blogger or makeup artist, and for that the world is a better place. Cat eye, or winged eyeliner, shortcuts are particularly plentiful, which makes a lot of sense considering how much time we all spend in front of the mirror trying to master that perfect point as we slowly give way to a mixture of rage and woeful acceptance.

More like a cat eye-strophe, am I right? I think we’re all familiar with the memes born out of this very frustration:

LIFE. Credit: @buzzfeedindia #makeup #eyelinerfail #omgeyeliner #buzzfeedindia

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The struggle is real! 🐼 #makeupmeme #eyelinermeme Repost from @shopvioletvoss

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Previous cat eye hacks have involved various (sometimes ridiculous) household items, not limited to scotch tape, dental floss, spoons, paper plates, credit cards, and post-it notes. Now the bobby pin has stepped into the vanity mirror spotlight, and beauty gurus swear that it creates the most perfect cat eye of your life. Naturally, I wanted to try it myself to see just how well it worked.

The how-to is pretty straightforward. Just color the ends of a bobby pin with liquid eyeliner, press it against the corner of your eye, and then fill it in. Here's how that panned out for me.

I'm using Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Velvet Black and just a plain old bobby pin. I colored in the two ends up to the point where they meet.

Next, I aligned the end of the bobby pin with the corner of my eye and gently pressed it into my skin as if the bobby pin were a stamp. I actually tried several different placements, and found that this angle was the best for my eye shape.

 When you remove the bobby pin, it leaves an impression of the eyeliner. Honestly, I was pretty surprised at how clean the angle looked.

To finish the cat eye, I outlined the existing impression with my eyeliner and then filled it in. To connect the wing to the eye, I just drew an angled line down and across the length of my upper lash line.

Judge for yourself, but I think this hack actually works! The thing that makes it more effective than other hacks is that the bobby pin is a uniform size, so your eyeliner is going to be the same on both sides. Trying to get your eyeliner even is the primary source of frustration in the first place, so this hack is a major win in my opinion.

As you can see, it does create more of a dramatic, elongated cat eye than what some may prefer, but if that's the look you're going for and you cry every time you even think about throwing on a wing, you have to try this.

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