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I Tried It: A Modular Couch in a Box That Is Actually Super Comfortable

No more trying to haul a huge couch up five flights of stairs.

By Courtney Thompson

When I first heard about the Burrow couch concept — a modular couch in a box that you buy online and build yourself at home — I wasn’t sold. Every couch I’ve ever purchased in the past has been bounced on, laid on, and inspected thoroughly in-person by me before I gave it a green light. Did I ever actually enjoy this process? Nope. So, like most things I used to quality test in-person — headboards, mattresses, and custom framing solutions among them — I decided to head online and give Burrow a try. (Bonus: You can return the couch for free within 30 days of it being delivered, just remember to save the boxes!)

Right off the bat, here’s why I think Burrow is rad — for one, being modular, you can add on, rearrange or take away pieces of the couch to make it a singular chair ($550), a two-cushion love seat ($750), or a three- or four-seat couch ($950-$1,150) that spans up to 111-inches long. And in a world where you’re living in a 500-square-foot studio one day — and the next you’ve moved to the ’burbs and have a sprawling living room to fill, having furniture that grows with you (and doesn’t need to be thrown to the curb or force you to pay a couch doctor $500) is hugely appealing. Or, conversely, if you want a massive couch in that studio apartment, but don’t want to carry it up your narrow fifth-floor walkup, Burrow’s manageable couch-in-a-box system is an undeniable selling point. (See the photo below, each Burrow box comes with a handy handle for carrying!) By shipping the couch directly to you, Burrow has eliminated retailer markups, something that is reflected in the above prices — yes, you can now buy a couch that seats four to five people for less than $1,200.

Also, the couch is customizable. It comes in five fabric colors (all chemical-free and stain-resistant) that were all calling my name. Ultimately, I went with the navy blue (which I loooove), but the brick red, crushed gravel, beige and charcoal hues were hard to pass on. Beyond color, you can also choose from low or high armrests, and each chair or couch comes with cushions that are tufted on one side and smooth on the other. My favorite high-tech detail is that each piece includes a hidden charging station with two USB ports and three AC outlets under the cushions that you can plug into while lounging the day away. Genius! Why oh why doesn’t every couch come with this feature?

Okay, so down to the two things we really care about: How hard was it to assemble? And is it actually comfortable?

Full disclosure: I was 39.5-weeks pregnant when my Burrow arrived, which meant it was up to my husband to put together. He winced when he saw a mountain of boxes in our driveway, but I assured him Burrow says its furniture can be assembled in the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

While it took a bit longer than that, we never ventured into Ikea-levels of frustration or time consumption. Opening the boxes, figuring out which pieces go where, pulling them out of their shrink wrap — all of that took about 20 minutes. Once we turned our attention to the directions and started to piece the couch together, start to finish it took another 30 minutes. The components all latch together via metal braces on the bottom, but the directions were for a two-seater couch (we opted for a three-seater), so at one point I did feel like we were doing one of those puzzles on MTV’s The Challenge, trying to ascertain where each piece connected correctly. Important to note that we weren’t sweating and we didn’t get into a fight, so in terms of level of difficulty, this was about a two out of ten.

Now to the most important question—is the Burrow actually comfortable? Admittedly, modular couches aren’t known for being lustworthy in the cozy department. And my fear here was that I was going to be the proud owner of a new dentist’s office couch. But luckily my worries were laid to rest as soon as I laid down for a rest —guys, reminder, I was just about to have a baby and reading those directions out loud was hard work!

The best thing about the Burrow is its fluffy cushions, they’re bouncy and provide just the right amount of tuft, while the couch’s construction is sturdy and structured, so you actually have back support. (Interesting fact: Burrow’s founder Stephen Kuhl herniated a disc while rowing in college and specifically designed this couch to be ergonomically correct for all-day TV-watching sessions.)

All in, I’m officially sold on the couch-in-the-box concept. The price is right, the furniture’s design and fabric are a stylish addition to any sitting area, the modular-ness makes moving the couch a breeze and it’s a piece I actually want to snuggle up and watch an entire movie on. Can you really ask for more? Nope, didn’t think so. Want to try it for yourself? Use the code "BRAVO!" for $25 off your purchase at Burrow.

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