I Went to a Weird and Groovy ‘70s Dinner Party Inside a Fake Pan Am Airplane

I Went to a Weird and Groovy ‘70s Dinner Party Inside a Fake Pan Am Airplane

Endless nostalgia and bragging rights for aviation fans.

By Alesandra Dubin

Aviation fans, nostalgia buffs, and general travelphiles: You’re going to want to know about the Pan Am Experience, a 1970s aviation-theme dinner party set in a 747.

It takes place at Air Hollywood, which is a Los Angeles-area studio filled with airplanes used for filming; it was the location for many movies you’ve seen, like Bridesmaids, The Wolf of Wall Street, Airplane!, and on down the line.

Now it also offers a special dinner-theater-like experience that takes place in an impeccably re-created jet (built from components of an actual retired 747 along with newly fabricated pieces), all decked out to resemble the first-class cabin of a Pan Am plane from the golden age of air travel, when being hot was a legally allowable job requirement for stewardesses, and when winging away was chic and tony and generally the province of the elite class. (And yes, we all know about the indignities that make modern air travel pale in comparison!) I had to check this out.

The whole experience began with arrival at the studio, mocked up outside to mimic LAX with its giant illuminated letters. Inside, we checked in and picked up our first-class boarding passes — faithfully re-created and very convincing — and browsed amid an exhibit of Pan Am archives.

Next, an announcement called for boarding, and we strolled into the plane, welcomed with gracious hospitality by uniform-clad stewardesses and cabin crew. We were invited to have cocktails in the upstairs lounge by way of that iconic spiral staircase, before making our way down to our seats on the main deck.

Yes, actual first-class airplane seats from the ’70s in a first-class cabin where back in the day a giant coffee-table-like thing holding magazines and a vase of flowers had the audacity to take up an amount of space that would these days be filled with 42 coach seats.

The wave-pattern wallpaper, carpeted wall on the forward bulkhead, and other minute details — all authentic. (There was no smoking, however. One significant departure — ahem — from the real deal.)

First came cocktails and nuts, followed by a four-course meal we chose from a re-creation of a fancy printed menu (ours to take home, along with all the other groovy printed souvenirs). All the while, we felt a real sense that we were actually in that magical cocoon of an airplane in flight — and the “captain’s” announcements over the loudspeakers during the roughly three-hour “flight” contributed to that sense.

Punctuating the courses — as a vegetarian, I had a Caprese salad followed by the pasta dish, but many had the beef carved seatside — were copious offers of wine and cocktails from a reproduction of a real drink menu. And there was a fashion show of Pan Am stewardess costumes through the years, accompanied by a bit of cultural background on what inspired the looks.

Following dessert, the captain also announced all the people participating that night (I’d say there were just about 30 in all) who were acknowledging or celebrating something special: There was a retired Pan Am stewardess of 25 years, whose family had surprised her with this night, and there was also a retired captain of 31 years. Then, there was a 25-year wedding anniversary, and a few birthdays (including my husband's). For that, they brought out a whole additional cake with a candle, which by then we were much too stuffed to eat! But the crew wrapped it up in a box for us to take home (again the gracious hospitality, old-school style) — but not before announcing that we would be landing shortly, and passing out Pan Am-logo passport covers as destined-to-be-cherished takeaways.

All in all, it was a super evocative and memorable night that we won’t soon forget. Plus, I just love how baffled and intrigued people are when we tell them about the experience. It’s a lot more eyebrow raising to describe than any typical dinner-and-a-movie recap — and it affords a special kind of buzzworthy bragging rights.

Interested? Book way ahead; it sells out way in advance.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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