Nasty Hangover? This Ice Cream Bar Promises to Cure You

Nasty Hangover? This Ice Cream Bar Promises to Cure You

This is the bar you'll want to hit when you've had a few too many.

By The Feast Staff

Anyone who's dealt with cruel morning-afters has a favorite hangover cure, whether it's a giant greasy breakfast, gallons of water, a couple of pills, or hair of the dog. But what if you could just eat an ice cream bar and be good as new? A convenience store in South Korea, the Asian country with the highest per-capita alcohol consumption in Asia, just came out with an ice cream bar called Gyeondyo-bar; the name supposedly means "hang in there." 

The bar is made with 0.7 percent Oriental raisin tree fruit juice, a purported hangover-fighting ingredient. There's some science behind this claim: The juice, used in Korea since the 17th century, was found to reduce signs of intoxication in rats in a 2012 study, according to the journal Neuroscience and Reuters. If the South Koreans are into it, it's probably worth a shot: The country is rife with hangover remedies, from the Haejangguk soup found in Korean restaurants worldwide, to drinks distributed only in Asia, like Hut-gae Condition; meanwhile, check out Korean star Psy's video (with Snoop) for his song "Hangover," below.

The ice cream bar tastes like grapefruit, so even if it doesn't work, how bad can it be? We're on it as soon as it hits the U.S. Until then, we'll be over here pounding the Asian pear juice.

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