Would You Eat Blue Ramen Noodles for Dessert? Check Out This Chef's Crazy-Cool Mashup

Would You Eat Blue Ramen Noodles for Dessert? Check Out This Chef's Crazy-Cool Mashup

Because...it's about time ramen noodles made it into a dessert?

By Marcy de Luna

We've had a little break from ramen mashups lately (remember the ramen burgers, ramen-ritos, ramen everything of our all-too-recent past?). But that break is now over. Introducing the Ice Stream. And no, that's not a typo. The Ice Stream, a dessert involving streams of ramen-style noodles, is now on the menu at The Dessert Kitchen in New York City.

The dessert offers the perhaps inevitable pairing of ramen and ice cream, except the noodles aren't actually ramen. The dish at the ice cream shop, which specializes in Asian-inspired treats, starts with kentan (also called agar) powder, which gets mixed with water and sugar to create noodles that look like Japanese ramen. "Ramen is not only starchy and salty, it could be playful and sweet,” chef Dominic Li told The Feast. “I wanted to open my patrons' eyes and tastebuds to something different. That's why I came up with this sweet dish that is traditionally savory."

Photos courtesy of Instagram/feedyourgirlfriend.

The semi-clear blue jelly noodles arrive in a bowl atop crushed ice with evaporated milk. Accoutrements include colorful mochi spheres, mango and cantaloupe fruit cubes, and white peach sauce on the side. You can sub in or add other sauces too, in flavors like brown sugar, honey, and green tea.

To eat the Ice Stream Ramen, you dip the cold noodle strands in the sauce, and then take a bite of the fruity cubes. And if you want to eat ramen the authentic way (even if it's not actually ramen), grab your chopsticks, pick up a big tangle of noodles, and slurp them up fast!

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