Identical Twin Cat Sisters Share Identically Unbelievable Eyes

Identical Twin Cat Sisters Share Identically Unbelievable Eyes

Hi! Who else is scared?

By Kristyn Pomranz

In a typical dog or cat birth, the mother produces a litter, meaning multiple babies from different eggs—sort of like a whole bunch of fraternal twins. But just like humans, animals occasionally produce identical twins—meaning one egg that has split into two—and the babies come out looking exactly the same.

Such is the case with these one-year-old kitties named Iriss and Abyss. The Saint Petersburg-based sisters are already quite rare simply because they’re identical, but in a twist of double-rarity, they share heterochromatic eyes—meaning each eye is genetically a different color (sort of like these David Bowie dogs).

While no one can argue that these cats are highly unusual and very stunning, we have to admit that we also find them a tiny bit terrifying. Like, we-don’t-want-them-approaching-us-in-a-hotel-hallway-or-cornfield kind of terrifying. (It doesn’t help that the captions are in Russian so we have no idea what’s going on in half of these pictures. What’s with the clown noses?!) Have a look.

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