If We Opened a Business, It'd Probably Be Named After a Pet, Too

If We Opened a Business, It'd Probably Be Named After a Pet, Too

Pooches + restaurants are a popular combo.

By Hilary Sheinbaum

They say art often imitates life, so how does a turtle influence brunch…? 

Often newborns are named after their relatives — but new businesses are a completely different ball game. From restaurants to clothing companies, startups and eateries are looking down (literally, not figuratively) in order to assign the perfect title of their new ventures.

Rather than being inspired by admired people, places or things, these leaders seek inspiration from another love: their pets.

Sure, there are a number of bars and bistros donned after general species or mammals, like The Flying Cock and The Horny Ram in New York City, or Bestia (“beast” in Italian) in Los Angeles – but there are specific names that allude to beloved buddies, or at least certain species. From reptiles to pooches, read on for a number of destinations that give a nod (or rather, a treat) to animals.

Bistro Chat Noir, Restaurant
French for “Black Cat”, the 66th Street French restaurant in New York City was named after Owner Suzanne Latapie’s second, most loved, family cat. The first kitty, Belle-Belle, apparently wasn’t that intelligent. Precious, described as spunky, resilient and strong, is currently 19 years young. The eatery, which serves brunch and is open 7 days a week, is now celebrating its eleventh year in business.

TrackMaven, Marketing Analytics Platform
Headquartered in Washington D.C., the technology allows users to prove social network, PR and website analytics ROIs and improve these verticals as well. The real-life Maven, a fun-loving corgi, is known for grabbing food and treats off the counter. Because dad is the CEO and founder, it’s no surprise that the pup is on the company’s logo.

Yumi Kim, Clothing Company
In 2004, designer Kim Phan moved to New York City and adopted a Yorkshire terrier. The bold and loving doggie, Yumi, is half of the brand's name. The clothing line includes dresses, skirts and other apparel for women with unique prints. Yumi Kim’s flagship store is located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, but her designs can be found at major retailers, boutique stores, and online as well.

Penelope, Restaurant
In Murray Hill, in New York City, Penelope is a café, bakery and wine bar. It’s also the name if a 19-year-old turtle. The eatery serves everything from pancakes, burgers, waffles and eggs – but no reptiles on the menu. The pet-loving restaurant sells mugs and goodies, and apparel, too, for humans and dogs.

Casa Enrique and Café Henri, Restaurants
There is a dog that is loved so much, his owners have named – not one, but – two Long Island City restaurants after the four-pawed friend. A sketch of the Maltese, Henri, is featured on the emblem of both restaurants. While Café Henri (opened in 2000) is a French spot, Casa Enrique (opened in 2012) – the pet’s name in Spanish – is a Mexican establishment. It was owner Carole Kulok’s idea to title the businesses after the beloved animal.

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