IKEA Creates "Relationship Station" For Couples Who Are Fighting In the Store

IKEA Creates "Relationship Station" For Couples Who Are Fighting In the Store

By Marianne Garvey

Furniture shopping and fights—what Ikea was made for. (Oh, and meatballs.)

Couples who are living together often hit the Swedish furniture giant for good prices on decorating their homes, but end up bickering over who wants what and whose style will dominate.

Then perhaps there's a screaming match. Or maybe just a silent argument in the middle of the store. Well, now one artist named Jeff Wysaski has come up with a solution to help prevent IKEA-based battles or break-ups.

Jeff creates fake signs (that look real) and puts them in everyday situations—and he’s done it to IKEA, creating a new “Relationship Saving Station.”

It isn’t an official brand strategy for the furniture chain but the chain has it in store and it features a tiny "stress" horse and some soap bubbles. Jeff claims it could actually save relationships on the outs.

Relationship saving exercises are done by couples at the station, which include yelling at a tiny horse instead of each other, looking at a tiny dog in a teacup in order to spark happiness, writing down your problem so you can let it go, putting on a milk carton hat and trying to argue like that without laughing, and blowing bubbles to fill with anger and letting them fly away and pop.

No word on if the station has yet saved anyone from the brink of divorce.

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