5 Brilliant Instagram Accounts That Turn Food Mashups Into Works of Art

5 Brilliant Instagram Accounts That Turn Food Mashups Into Works of Art

Welcome to Feast Week! Today, we look at the mashups that made this such a deliciously weird year in food.

By Salma Abdelnour

Ah, 2016. The year brought no shortage of head-spinning news, and amid all those headlines was a steady stream of decadent-slash-demented food mashups, from sushi donuts to ramen desserts, burger'izzas to Oreo bagels. And the ideas just keep on coming, thanks to the most experimental chefs, food-centric state fairs, and fearless eaters. Here, 5 Instagram feeds you should definitely follow if you want to see where the next love-or-roll-your-eyes-at-it mashup is coming from, and beat the crowds to try it first yourself.


Pastry wunderkind and Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel, chef-owner at his eponymous bakeries in NYC, has one of the most mouthwatering Instagram feeds we've seen—and while mashups are only one part of what Ansel is up to, the ideas he comes up with never disappoint. Behold the Onigiri Ice Cream Sandwich: "Rice soft serve ice cream inside a 'nori' waffle cone shell, topped with crispy puffed rice and umeboshi (sour plum) jam," as Ansel describes it on Instagram. Yeah, we'd eat that.


The Spanish-born, D.C.-based star chef Jose Andres always mesmerizes with his menus, and the elevated mashups he sometimes serves raise the bar on the entire genre. Case in point: his foie-truffle donut, part of his White Truffle Dinner Series this fall.


A photo posted by CAW (@craftsmanwolves) on

San Francisco's buzzy bakery Craftsman and Wolves made its name a few years ago with the Rebel Within, a madly popular muffin-like "savory cake" filled with a runny soft-boiled egg and sausage. You can still find it there, sharing space with newer offerings like these turkey-mashed-potato-cranberry pop tarts, a whole holiday dinner in the palm of your hand.


A photo posted by Big Tex (@statefairoftx) on

The Texas State Fair is famous and infamous for its OTT mashups, ranging from the admittedly tempting to the totally absurd. Start making plans now if you want to hit the fall 2017 fair, so you can try treats like these bacon, cheese and Doritos pops for yourself, and wash them down with fried Jello, of course.


A photo posted by Temp6868 (@temp6868) on

Ron Templeman, a fixture on the national BBQ competition circuit, fills his Instagram feed with irresistible-sounding mashups he invents at home or discovers on his travels. The pizza bagel he made recently is haunting our dreams.

This week on The Feast, we’re celebrating all the inspiring, mind-blowing, over-the-top—and most of all, delicious—things that are catching our attention in the food and drink world. Stay tuned for must-watch videos, features on the chefs and innovators we love, tips on the most incredible Instagram accounts you should be following, and polls that let you vote on your favorites.

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