The Eternal 'Cat Vs. Dog' Debate Plays Out in a New Show

The Eternal 'Cat Vs. Dog' Debate Plays Out in a New Show

Can these two animals ever be BFFs?

By Morgan Ashley Parker

Cats or dogs? The question is one for the ages, but it's not always about a person's primary allegiance. In fact, people who like both animals equally — and share a home with both — often face a different type of competition.

In those situations, it turns into more of a question of cats versus dogs, who makes the most mischief and which animal is to blame for any problems.

Lucky for all of you out there scratching your heads over this debate — or even confidently ready to buzz in with the "right" answer — there's a new show Cat vs. Dog which premieres on Nov. 11.

Unleashed decided to go right to the source to get the scoop: the co-hosts of the show, Jackson Galaxy (the cat behaviorist aka cat expert) and Zoe Sandor (the dog trainer aka dog expert).

Galaxy explains “bringing in Zoe Sandor, my co-star, [we were able] to approach it from a holistic standpoint, where we're dealing with both problems simultaneously. It helped tremendously. But I thought it was really interesting, Zoe and I didn't know each other at all before this started, and luckily enough we just absolutely gelled and our philosophies are the same and our approaches are very much the same. So we were discovering our chemistry as the season was going on.

He continues, "the proving ground for us was this one case, and I don't want to give too much away, but it was the first time in my career that I walked away from a case. Where I said to the guardians, you guys are not fit, like everything we've done for you and you just don't care apparently and you're continuing putting your dog and cat in harm's way. We can't do this, we gotta go."

So when it comes to the actual drama in the homes they visit on the show well, human out there reading this post, many times the issue is with you.

“The most difficult human does one of these two things," Sandor explains. "They either just don't practice at all. So they expect that changes will be made without that." 

"The second thing is just sort of constant negativity, constantly kind of questioning every piece of advice that we give," Sandor continues. "So there's the people who accept our advice but they just don't use it. And those that just cannot accept that what we're saying is what's best for their animal even when they called in experts. And we definitely see that in this season and I see that often and it's very difficult and frustrating.”

All that guilt doesn't lie in human hands, though. There’s a lot of funny moments, there's a lot of ... honestly it does come down to the dog,” Galaxy says. “There were so many times where you know we, me and Zoe, would sort of powwow. I’d ask OK what are you going to do? She’d say ‘I’ve got a lot of work to do with this dog. What are you going to do?’ And I'm like 'I don't know, eat lunch? Wait for you to get done with the dog.'”

Also, it must be considered that what we’re seeing on TV is not what the pets are actually experiencing.

I think that one of the problems that you find both with dogs and cats ... they get very insecure around the camera equipment," explains Sandor. “That's something that ... it takes quite a bit of time for them to get used to. On camera it looks like there's only Jackson and me but there's five or six people in the room that the dog doesn't know. It's their job to be suspicious of people in their house so they have to get over that and we're really asking a lot of them. But, you know, they did really well.”

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