Involved In A Messy Divorce? Here's How To Speed It Up

Involved In A Messy Divorce? Here's How To Speed It Up

Can we get this over with please?

By Jen Glantz

Getting a divorce might be your long awaited ticket to freedom from a spouse you can't stop rolling your eyes at, but you may find the process of becoming single again long, messy, and complicated.

Rather than pay a ton in lawyer's fees and get a handful of gray hairs from the stress on the divorce battlefield, use these tips to help you speed up a messy divorce

1. Be prepared

Right after you meet with your newly hired divorce lawyer, prepare to get to work yourself. The sooner you can gather the requested financial documents and fill out the necessity paperwork, the better. You'll want to ask your lawyer upfront about any paperwork or information you'll need to get your hands on, in case that takes extra time. 

2. Waive the waiting period

For the most part, almost every state has a mandatory waiting period of time, which must be completed before a divorce is completed. Some states allow you to waive this and it's more likely to be approved if your divorce is uncontested.

3. Get along with your soon-to-be ex

This may be the hardest thing to do with a person you're eager to separate from, but it's the most important if you want to speed things up. Working together simply means that both of you commit to paperwork deadlines and responding to info. requests when they are asked. The longer one of you procrastinates on getting this info to your lawyers, the longer the divorce will linger. 

4. Skip the trial

Hire a mediator or sit down and have an honest chat with each other that going to trial will cost both of you tremendous amount of money and time. Figure out a way to agree on the icky stuff so that your divorce can be uncontested and you don't have to drag the mess on for longer than either of you can stomach.

5. Quit the demands

Be realistic when it comes to divorce. Just like relationships are all about compromises, so are divorces. Listen to your lawyer’s suggestions and advice on the things you are tempted to stand your ground on, that might not be worth the headache to fight for, especially if you are eager to get this divorce settled. 

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