Is It Possible To Find Your Soulmate in 7 Weeks? One Life Coach Says Yes

Is It Possible To Find Your Soulmate in 7 Weeks? One Life Coach Says Yes

"Our relationships are what we actually live for," she says. 

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with shouldn’t take that long, according to Keren Eldad. She says it takes seven weeks. The life coach and motivational speaker isn’t just preaching random advice about relationships – she’s lived it, and she’s hoping to help others dealing with similar issues.

Keren was inspired to create the program because such a large percentage of our country is currently single. According to a 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics Report, 124.6 million Americans (ages 16 and older) were not in relationships – that’s more than half the population.

“Obviously, I came into contact with this stat in practice,” she says. “During my first six months in private practice, I saw one client after the other. Though they’d originally signed up to achieve their career and money goals; they start talking, about two or three sessions in, about love. As it turns out, our relationships are what we actually live for. If your relationship is not working, if you are out of love, then no matter how much you acquire, or what you accomplish professionally, you will not feel fulfilled.”

Roughly 49 days is a significantly small amount of time to find your other half – so, naturally, we had a lot of questions.

Personal Space: Are people not dating with enthusiasm?

Keren Eldad: First, let’s define what “with enthusiasm” means. It means: “intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.” Translation: in life, or in dating, going about it “with enthusiasm” means going about it “fully charged.” By this token, no: I do not believe that people are dating “with enthusiasm." I see people doing the same things, over and over. I see people dwelling on negative thoughts that keep them stunted, shocked at their remarkably consistent and predictable results. I see people not branching out of their own pool, out of their own neighborhood, even. I see people who basically keep doing the same things over and over again, and then don’t get why they aren’t with their soulmate.

PS: What can people do to change these patterns?

KE: I want you to get out there and experience new things, new people, new cultures, new foods, new books and ideas, new exercise classes, new ways of thinking. You will have to get outside of your family and even outside of your community. This is the stuff that makes life more colorful, more sensual, more full, more everything. And you will have to get inside your head, and get to know yourself all over again and in a different light, too. Above all – this is an inside job. Start with the external. If, in dating, you have never experienced the fullness of what is available in your city – do it now. Go check out plays, go to a museum, go to the rodeo, or to a ballgame, or to the symphony. Take a pottery class. Go do anything you have not tried. And when you are ready – check out Date With Enthusiasm. We will do the rest.

PS: Why is this course seven weeks long? Why not seven days? Why not seven months?

KE: The pace depends on the ability and inclination of the person taking the course. But I chose seven weeks, for two reasons: One, the number seven is very significant in the bible, and I am rather spiritual. Two, weeks are preferred because of people’s workload, capacity and ideal pace. To do this course consecutively, you would have to do one to two hours each day. From experience, I can tell you that not only would that be overwhelming, but you really would likely only understand the course intellectually, at such a fast pace. Instead, I recommend that clients feel this course, and have epiphanies – visceral understandings of the material. For this, you need time, space, and practice. By the opposite token – while you could take longer than seven weeks – inconsistency and procrastination do not get results. Taking too long will only work if you repeat sessions in order to understand them better, not if you skip a week or take a break for a month.

PS: What are seven takeaways from the program/things people should and will learn by going through the program?

KE: There are seven basic takeways you can expect from DWE:

1. What soulmate love is, and what is not.

2. The universal principles at work in soulmate love, and how to embody them.

3. The three most common blocks to soulmate love.

4. How to get rid of those blocks – for good, and create space for soulmate love.

5. How to deal with other common delays and setbacks on the journey to soulmate love.

6. How to vibrate at soulmate level and manifest soulmate love. This is where the magic is.

7. How to maintain soulmate love.

PS: What are seven mistakes people make while dating?

KE: The biggest boo-boo in dating, and the most common, is being negative. Having an agenda from the get-go. Doing all the heavy lifting. Being clingy or desperate, or thinking or behaving as though someone is “out of your league." Bragging. Constantly asking where you are in the relationship. Getting impatient and discouraged.

PS: Anything else you think people should know about this program, and dating in general?

KE: There is one last thing to say about pursuing coaching in general, and that is that there is only one reason why doing this work matters. That reason is - you.

You see, you are the only you there is. A one-time occurrence. The only one with your special blend of talents and your special experiences. The only one who feels you, who is you, who gets to be you. And in addition to this, you only get one lifetime here on earth as you. So, why not live to the fullness of your potential?

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