Is it Weird to Go On a First Date On Your Birthday?

Is it Weird to Go On a First Date On Your Birthday?

It's his special day, so where is this guy's family?

By Marianne Garvey
Is This the Worst Blind Date Ever?

There Goes the Motherhood star and single mom Jen Bush may have had the most awkward first date in history—and you’ll get to see it in Wednesday night’s episode.

For now, here’s a sneak peek of why things got extremely awkward between Jen and Adam, who shared drinks and dinner together, during which Jen discovers it’s actually Adam’s 51st birthday. Why this lonely guy has no one to celebrate with isn’t clear, but the situation certainly opens up questions about where his friends and family are, or if he has any contacts in his phone at all

You are celebrating my birthday with me,” Adam says. 

Jen replies with a, “let me simmer on this for a moment.”

When Adam goes on to say “this has to be a very special night for me,” Jen is clearly annoyed, saying, “oh god.”

It cuts to the confessional where she reveals, “Adam’s family isn’t with him on his birthday, and that to me is a little odd.”

As the date grows increasingly uncomfortable, Adam makes it worse, saying he thought the date was perhaps a surprise party waiting for him. 

Jen says no, and wonders if she’s then going to have to pay for the drinks, since birthday boy is downing a martini. When he suggests doing shots because her “child is sleeping,” Jen, whose marriage failed after the birth of her son Rivers, shoots him down. 

It’s safe to assume Adam, obviously not her Prince Charming, probably won’t be getting a second date. 

So, how weird is it to go on a first date on your birthday? You tell us.  

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