Is Your Significant Other *Digitally* Cheating On You? Here's How To Find Out

Is Your Significant Other *Digitally* Cheating On You? Here's How To Find Out

E-flirting is a real thing. 

By Jen Glantz

Thought that cheating was something a person did by jumping into bed with someone else? Maybe you even thought cheating could happen on a completely emotional level, as your spouse found themselves sharing their deepest and darkest secrets with someone else, other than you. But these days, cheating can happen on a whole other level – digitally. Have you ever wondered if your spouse is e-flirting with someone? Even living a double life by dating someone else that they met online? Are you completely sure that the person you’re dating isn’t still on every single dating app out there?

If you’re over being paranoid that your significant other’s online life is interfering with your relationship, here are the best ways to check. 

1. Get a spy app

There are handfuls of apps you can download and pay for that allow you access into your spouse’s online world. You can see their text messages, Facebook chats, and even their phone call list. Most of these apps require that both of you agree to this first, so the spying may be mutual.

2. Audit

If you’re not looking for the help of a third party app, you can try to find out if anything fishy is going on online by auditing their profiles yourself. If you spend enough time looking into their list of friends and followers, reading through their comments and likes, you may start to see a trend as to who is very present in their online life. 

3. Ask for help

One big thing to realize when you’re sifting through your boo’s profiles is that they may have blocked you from seeing things that other people can see. Enlist the help of a good friend, who your partner doesn’t follow on social media, and see if you can view your partner’s profiles from their account. You may see photos, status updates, and even postings from people who you're hidden from seeing.

4. Explore the dating apps

If social media isn’t your worry, you might find yourself questioning whether or not the person you are dating isn’t trying to online date anymore. An app called, Swipe Buster, lets you pay a minimal fee to see if the person you’re dating is on Tinder and other dating apps. For less money than one drink at a bar, it might be a good idea to see if they are still looking for the next best thing online.

5. Snoop

Your last option is the one least recommended, but if you are desperate to know whether they are cheating online, and you don’t believe their answer when you ask IRL, you can do the snooping yourself by looking at their computer or phone. Just make sure if you find something, you spend the time to make sure it is actually “something”, and not just them having a platonic convo with a coworker or even a family member that you’ve never heard of but assume is a mistress. 

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