An Italian Man Just Broke the World Record for Most Scoops of Ice Cream in a Single Cone: 121!

An Italian Man Just Broke the World Record for Most Scoops of Ice Cream in a Single Cone: 121!

He even smashed his own world record.

By Drew DiSabatino

Listen, we’re not newbies when it comes to amazing feats of ice cream. We were there when a New Zealand ice cream shop unveiled the 15-scoop challenge. And we've done the donut cone thing and the ice cream tasting flight thing, and seen more ice cream stunts than we even want to remember. So when something truly remarkable happens in the ice cream world, we feel comfortable speaking about it without ANY (or maybe just a little) hyperbole.

Enter Dimitri Panciera.

You should write that name down, by the way, because in the ice cream world he’s a legend. Even before he set a new world record this week for the highest number of ice cream scoops balanced inside a single cone, Panciera (pictured below) was a world record holder for constructing the world’s largest, functional-ish, ice cream scoop at 6’4” long and 1’10” wide, according to


His latest feat, however, saw Italy’s Panciera smashing his own previous world record for number of scoops in a single cone. The ice cream wizard cemented his place in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records when he somehow managed to scoop a staggering 121 dollops of frozen deliciousness into one giant treat (12 more scoops than his previous record). As Grubstreet reports, the record book’s rules state that the cone couldn’t be any wider than 3.74 inches, and that the 100+ scoops needed to remain balanced for 10 seconds or more. Panciera didn’t flinch at either of these rules—he even took his towering dessert outside for a walk, to show off the stability of his frozen mammoth. Don’t believe it? Let’s roll the tape:

Panciera credits the quality of the local artisanal gelato for making this feat possible, but considering we can’t get through a double scoop of rocky road without our fingers/hands/forearms slathered in sticky chocolate-y nightmare, we have to say we’re impressed.

Che bello!

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