Jason Derulo's Airline Rage: 15 Cops, $6,000 in Baggage Fees — and "I Want Answers"

Jason Derulo's Airline Rage: 15 Cops, $6,000 in Baggage Fees — and "I Want Answers"

The singer says he was treated like a thug, instead of coddled like the elite-status flyer he is.

By Jet Set Staff

Jason Derulo has a bone to pick with an airline — and as he pointed out in a major rage on Instagram, he’s no regular passenger either. He’s got the most elite status possible and he’s mad as well.

The singer says that he was treated badly during an incident at Miami International airport… that involved a confrontation with 15 cops.

According to TMZ, the star claimed he and his squad of eight people arrived at the airport for an American Airlines flight to Los Angeles on Wednesday, and tried to check a total of 19 bags between them. Well, he’s also a frequent flyer with American — Concierge Key status — and typically flies the airline, logging “millions” of miles over the years together with his people. Even in spite of that, he said the American staff person was “rude” to him and wouldn’t check in his bags. TMZ’s reporting suggests the possibility that Jason and his crew may have gotten there too late to check their bags according to rules, and a member of the team may have stayed behind to try to ensure the bags got through on a later flight.

But by then, a messy scene was already set in motion: Jason and the others were already on the plane, which had pulled away from the gate when his phone rang. The guy left behind to deal with the luggage told Jason that American wanted to charge $6,000 for the extra pieces; the airline’s most elite customers receive three free checked bags each. On hearing this news, Jason was furious and demanded the plane return to the gate so he could get off. That’s when he says the pilot “went nuts on him,” according to TMZ. Specifically, he says the pilot screamed, "I want these motherf*****s off my plane right now!"

And then the hoard of cops was waiting when he got off the plane.

It seems possible that the mixup left one guy trying to check 19 bags — which would have been way over limit for the three per person that would have permitted had everyone still been on scene at the time. But Jason — at least while his anger was still fresh — accused the airline of racial discrimination.

On Instagram, he wrote, "#ifiwasanyoneelseiwouldhavebeenarrested" and "#iwantanswers."

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