What Forced Jennifer Lawrence's Plane to Make a Terrifying Emergency Landing?

What Forced Jennifer Lawrence's Plane to Make a Terrifying Emergency Landing?

She's OK.

By Alesandra Dubin

We know that U.S.-based commercial airlines — even for all of their indignities and discomforts — are actually incredibly safe. No fatalities have taken place on board an American-based aircraft as a result of a crash in years, making them actually some of the safest places to be in the world at a given time (which should reassure anyone with a fear of flying). Importantly, that safety record is not held by private aircraft.

Indeed private planes have less-stellar safety records than the commercial aircraft. And on all sorts of aircraft — whether commercial or private — scary things do happen. And they can't happen to anyone, including some of the biggest celebrities in the country.

Consider what happened to Jennifer Lawrence over the weekend, when a private plane she was flying from her home state of Kentucky after a family visit had to make an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York, according to People. The cause? Engine failure.

People reports that one of the plane's engines failed when the aircraft was soaring at 31,000 feet. And during the emergency landing — imagine the fear of the 26-year-old actress and others on board — the second engine also gave out.

The pilots, however, were able to land the plane safely and multiple emergency vehicles greeted the plane on its J-Law wasn't physically hurt... though shaken up seems likely.

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