Jennifer Lawrence to Paparazzi: “Don’t Touch My Dog You F***ing Loser”

Jennifer Lawrence to Paparazzi: “Don’t Touch My Dog You F***ing Loser”

Leave J-Law alone!

By Kristyn Pomranz

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence was flying on a private jet when the crew had to make an emergency landing because they lost control of one of the engines. Since then, J-Law has been spotted flying commercial, and we’re not sure if it was because the incident was harrowing or because Jennifer Lawrence is a famous actress, y’know, flies a lot by various means.

If you’re sitting there wondering “So? What does this have to do with dogs?” well hold your horses, we are getting to that. Basically, an intrepid reporter at TMZ took it upon himself to ask Jennifer, “Have you been scared off flying private for good now?” The typically private actress silently ignored his question, but then when he went to pet her Chihuahua mix Pippi, she snapped.

“Don’t touch my dog, you f***ing loser,” she admonished before picking up the dog and getting in her car. Harsh? Kind of. But c’mon, Mr. Paparazzo, didn’t you learn as a child that you don’t touch animals without asking their owners first?

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