Do You Think Jerry O'Connell is a Dog Person or a Cat Person? 

Do You Think Jerry O'Connell is a Dog Person or a Cat Person? 

His eyes say "dog" but his snark says "cat"...

By Kristyn Pomranz

Jerry O’Connell is known for many things—his #goals-level relationship with wife Rebecca Romijn, his unbelievably adorable twin daughters Charlie and Dolly, his unyielding enthusiasm for all-things-Real-Housewives—and, of course, his love of animals.

The O’Connell-Romijn household boasts three dogs and two cats—and the brood is always growing. “Every time I go out of town, my wife just adopts another animal, be it cat or dog,” O’Connell told PEOPLE. “I do love them all—we’re a family.”

Meet Phil and Pip. Last week we added to our family by rescuing these two beauties.

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And while O’Connell has called himself an “all-around dog lover” and spoken highly of his pooches, it seems that he may be more of a cat person after all.

The actor told PEOPLE, “You know a cat’s love is really earned and they don’t cheat on you. With my dogs, they will pretty much show as much affection to a complete stranger as they will show to me, but our cats—that’s been a relationship years in the making.”


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His perhaps-controversial, maybe-preference for cats aside, O'Connell will make an appearance at the AKC National Championship Presented by Royal Canin with all of his pooches in tow.

And all speculation aside, we will forever appreciate Jerry and Rebecca's passion for animals and dedication to adopting rescues!

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