Jonathan Adler HQ is So Dog-Friendly That Employees' Pups Sit On Literal Brass Tuffets

Jonathan Adler HQ is So Dog-Friendly That Employees' Pups Sit On Literal Brass Tuffets

The dogs are as fabulous as the décor. 

By Kristyn Pomranz

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

Products pictured: Maxime Tuffet by Jonathan Adler, Channing Three Drawer Console by Jonathan Adler, Globo Boxes by Jonathan Adler, Malachite Vases by Jonathan Adler

When you think of Jonathan Adler, a few things come to mind: Playfulness. Cheer. Color. His aesthetic is modern and glamorous, with unexpected detailing that elicits a wry smile. His manifestos include “Minimalism is a bummer,” and “Your home should make you happy.” Suffice it to say, the Adler aesthetic is one of all-consuming joy.

So it only makes sense that the man himself is a fanatical dog lover.

The décor designer has a rescue dog named FoxyLady (adopted from the North Shore Animal League) who has the run of his house in downtown Manhattan, and Adler believes that dogs should be allowed everywhere. He brings that philosophy directly to his New York City headquarters, where all of his employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work.

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

Despite the fact that the office and showroom are outfitted with fragile ceramics and stunning furniture, there’s no concern about broken vases or peed-upon rugs. “Dogs are so much better than people,” Adler told Unleashed. “Nothing is too precious around here.”

We spent a day at the Jonathan Adler headquarters and met a handful of the office dogs—and their humans talked to us about what makes Jonathan Adler’s dog-friendly environment so special.

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

Bodie, 9 months old

His human: Aly Dailey, Senior Account Executive

“Bodie has been coming into the office every day since he was 11 weeks old, so it’s always been part of his life. He’s a border collie-boxer-lab mix, and I rescued him from Muddy Paws. He loves the endless attention, belly rubs, and treats—plus being with his mom all day.”

Products pictured: Rutledge Grand Sofa by Jonathan Adler, Talitha Amoeba Throw Pillow by Jonathan Adler, Ultra Triangle Accent Table by Jonathan Adler

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

Pancakes, 7 years old, @pompompancakes

Her human: Chelsea Altman, E-commerce Merchandiser

“Pancakes is a Pomshi. Her favorite thing about coming to work? The lunch meetings.”

Products pictured: Baxter T-Arm Sofa with Bullion Fringe by Jonathan Adler, Black and White Waves Throw Pillow by Jonathan Adler

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

Franklin, 9 months old, @franklin_the_bully

His human: Laura Dana, Senior Account Executive

“Frankie has been coming here since he was three months old. He is here every day. The best thing about bringing Franklin to work is how much he gets to interact with people and other pups. I spend the day working, and he spends the day getting love (and treats!) and growing his social skills.”

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

Max, 8 years old, @mrmaximusbrown

His human: Rachel Hadfield, Allocator

“Max is a Pomeranian and American Eskimo. I love having him here smiling at me all day long—and he loves all of the attention and all of the treats!”

Products pictured: Ingmar Chair by Jonathan Adler

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

Amy Sedaris the Dog, 6 years old, @amysedaristhedog

Her human: Kim Moreau Jacobs, Senior Copywriter

“She’s a Chihuahua Shetland mutt, and we adopted her from Badass Brooklyn*. Amy has developed an office treat trail, in which she walks on a continuous loop to every person who has ever given her food: beg, treat, repeat. For me, being able to pick her up during the day and give her a squeeze whenever I want is without parallel. Overall, her coming to work gives her the opportunity to make other people laugh as much as she makes me laugh. She’s a giver.” (*Badass Brooklyn is a rescue that names their dogs after celebrities, hence Amy’s unusual moniker.)

Products pictured: Maxime Club Chair by Jonathan Adler, Globo Drinks Table by Jonathan Adler, Globo Console by Jonathan Adler, Globo Table Lamp by Jonathan Adler

Photo by Mandi Illuzzi

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