These Puppies Were Rescued from a Junkyard and Treated to a Spa Day

These Puppies Were Rescued from a Junkyard and Treated to a Spa Day

Adorable pups go from impoverished to pampered!

By Kristyn Pomranz

In a horrifying case of neglect, five litters of four- to six-week-old puppies were found in a junkyard at the edge of the Mojave Desert. Over a dozen mutts—mixes of labradors, shepherds and terriers—were running wild on the property, without nourishment, vaccinations, or medical care.

Thankfully, a rescue group convinced the owner to hand over the puppies—19 in total—and they were delivered to the Helen Woodward Animal Center, a non-profit, no-kill facility in San Diego. They were nicknamed the “sweetheart puppies” and they have been thriving under the Animal Center’s care.

In honor of their rescue and in anticipation of their availability for adoption, the Animal Center decided to give the puppies a celebratory Galentine’s Day spa day. It included a shopping spree, a brunch, nail and fur appointments, and full-on baths. They couldn’t look happier, healthier or more adoptable—which they are now! Visit the Animal Center’s Adoption Page if you’re interested in bringing one of these literal sweethearts home.

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