Just Ended Your Marriage? Advice To Get You Back On Track

Just Ended Your Marriage? Advice To Get You Back On Track

What RHOM's Joanna Krupa and any newly single woman should know post-divorce.


By Delaina Dixon
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Joanna Krupa is officially a single woman. Earlier this month, The Real Housewives of Miami star finalized her divorce proceedings from her ex-husband of four years, Romain Zago. The marriage ended amicably, according to reports. So what should she do next?

Matchmaker Sameera Sullivan, founder and CEO of Lasting Connections, has some advice for Joanna, and any woman who has just come out of a marriage.

Have Some “Me” Time

“Take some time for yourself,” Sameera suggests. “It’s important that you allow yourself to heal, go to therapy, or go on a vacation with a friend—or alone if that suits you." Going alone is super bold and can be extremely empowering to reconnect with yourself.

Make Yourself Over

Post-divorce is the perfect time to revamp your personal brand. “Get a complete makeover: new clothes, hair, makeup style, wardrobe, etc.,” Sameera declares. “This is your way to break away from the old and into the new. Your soul is in a transition phase and you are transforming into a new person.” You may discover the true you that’s been hiding behind a wedding ring.

Don’t Rush Into Dating

One of the biggest mistakes women make post-divorce is rushing into a new relationship. “I suggest you work on yourself and do all of the above for at least six months,” Sameera advises. “Of course, this depends on how your marriage broke down and how many years were you were actually emotionally detached before you divorced.” Sameera says working through any pain you experienced during your split and divorce should be explored before you start seeking a new beau, “because you really don’t want to be throwing old baggage on everyone.”

Explore Different “Types”

Once you’re back on the dating scene, “You’ll want to start dating different people at this time—online dating is great for this. You can date a variety of people and meet lots of different personalities this way.” You may discover the type of person you are attracted to will have changed, and “you can only determine this by dating a ton of people,” Sameera says. “Your taste will have changed due to age, and this is a good thing! You are much wiser now!”

Have Fun Dating

“For a few months, I suggest you keep it light and just date,” Sameera advises. “Have a few short-term relationships, even casual ones – it’s all okay.”

She advises you not to be too hard on yourself with the notion that you have to get back into a committed relationship right away. “You can even stretch out your dating cycle for a year, depending on your stamina, before you settle down for good again. If you were in a long-term relationship (10 to 30 plus years), enjoy your freedom before you get back into another.”

In the end, Sameera says, “This time around you want to have a soul connection with someone who makes you feel truly comfortable and true to yourself! Take all the time you need to make that happen.”

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