Justin Bieber Apparently Demands This One Brand of Chocolate and Dishes Named After His Songs on Tour

Justin Bieber Apparently Demands This One Brand of Chocolate and Dishes Named After His Songs on Tour

The Biebs' alleged tour rider details his very specific food requests.

By Maggie Shi

It's not unusual for musicians to have some—shall we say—interesting requests for their dressing rooms while on tour. Yahoo! reports that Justin Bieber's alleged rider for his Indian tour was just leaked by music journalist Arjun Ravi on Twitter, and there's definitely some enlightening items on it.

The Biebs, apparently, likes a lot of white—and purple carnations—and requires a whole lot of snacks and drinks to sustain him and his crew. The lengthy list of demands includes some rather intriguing ones, including "that his dressing room be entirely draped with white curtains." He also requests "12 white handkerchiefs" and two packages each of white crewneck t-shirts and white tank tops, along with three packages of low-rise white socks, all in various sizes, oddly.

When it comes to the food and drinks, there's a looong grocery shopping list. His noshing requirements are a mix of healthy snacks and junk food. On the healthy end: diced fruit and veggies (but "seasoned with ranch sauce"), organic bananas and grapes, and a deli platter with organic turkey, lettuce, black olives, cheese, and green and banana peppers. He's also a fan of white cheddar popcorn, organic dried fruit, peanuts, and—very specifically—"Ghiradelli dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds." Yum!

But the Biebs has plenty of indulgences on the list, too. Vinegar potato chips, Swedish fish, Haribo cola gummies, cream soda, and "white sliced bread" (Wonder Bread??) are part of his requests, along with "Ritz Bitz peanut butter and cheese sandwiches."

To keep hydrated, the megastar specifically asks for a "large glass-door refrigerator" so he can easily see all his required drinks: still water, alkaline water, vitamin water, energy drinks, natural juices, vanilla protein drinks, and a half gallon of almond milk. (Wow. We just realized we're definitely not getting enough liquids on a daily basis.) And let's not forget the coconut water and decaf herbal teas, along with strawberry and vanilla protein powder—for smoothies, we assume—and raw organic honey. Oh, and did we mention the cooler stocked with "assorteden juices fizzy drinks [sic]"?

The oddest part of Bieber's culinary experience, however, will apparently be served to him at the five-star hotel where he's staying. According to Ravi's tweet, "Top culinary experts will supervise the gourmet being served to Bieber over the 4 days with 5 dishes per day being renamed after his popular songs."

Um, what? We're not sure if this was a request from the Biebs himself, or if someone at the hotel decided that this would be an extra-special way of honoring their esteemed guest. In any case, we're hoping "Cold Water-cress Soup," "Beauty and a Beet Salad," "Baby Corn and Tofu Stir-Fry," and "One Thyme-Roasted Chicken" will all make their way onto the menu.

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