Karlie Kloss Has A Totally Weird Tie To Donald Trump - And She Hates Talking About It

Karlie Kloss Has A Totally Weird Tie To Donald Trump - And She Hates Talking About It

Like the supermodel wants to be dragged into this drama.

By Marianne Garvey

Karlie Kloss is Taylor Swift’s best friend, a supporter of women, and a model who does more than just walk the runway in angel wings.

But she’s got an issue she’s been pretty quiet about since January—President Donald Trump.

Karlie has a (kind of) familial tie to The Donald. Her boyfriend of nearly five years, Joshua Kushner, 32 is Jared Kushner’s younger brother, and the two are extremely close. Jared, we all know, is Donald’s son-in-law, who has been all over the news this week as he gets interviewed by the Senate Intelligence Committee for allegedly colluding with Russia during the election.

Back in November, Karlie, 24, tweeted a photo of herself filling out her voting ballot, revealing she was voting for Hillary Clinton.

“One of the greatest privileges we have as Americans is a voice,” she captioned it. “ I’m proud to say I did my part, now it’s your turn. #ImWithHer”

Joshua and Karlie keep it private for the most part, and haven’t been seen (at least publicly) much with Jared and Ivanka, who have been married since 2009. Joshua is a Harvard grad who founded Thrive Capital, and is an open liberal.

After Donald’s win last year, Forbes reported that Joshua made great efforts to distance himself from his brothers father-in-law.

“Josh Kushner scrambled. ‘It is no secret that liberal values have guided my life and that I have supported political leaders that share similar values. But neither political party has a monopoly on the truth or on constructive ideas for our country. It's important to be open minded and learn from differing opinions.’ For the next week, he held one-on-one meetings with nearly 100 employees across Thrive and the two startups he's currently incubating. People were sad, frustrated, worried, angry. ‘Just as Jared is my family, I feel similarly responsible to everyone at my companies,’” reported the cover story on him, adding, “Josh went around to me and presumably every company and said, 'I have no personal ties to this administration. I'm not responsible for their actions and won't be able to get you special favors. 'Just consider me the same person who invested in your company--there is no connection, either good or bad.’”

The tricky part is that despite his political beliefs, Josh and Jared remain best friends, he even refers to Ivanka as his sister, and not sister-in-law.

Karlie has refused to address the elephant in the, well, White House, going so far as to have her press agent instruct the media to not ask her questions at events about anything other than her career.

Josh and Karlie are going strong despite the drama surrounding the Trump-Kushner family. While Jared today gets another grilling by congressional investigators about his meetings with Russians during the Trump presidential campaign, Josh and Karlie were spotted on a date night in New York on Monday holding hands.

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