Katy Perry Has a Meltdown in the Kitchen With Gordon Ramsay, Screams "This Sucks!"

Katy Perry Has a Meltdown in the Kitchen With Gordon Ramsay, Screams "This Sucks!"

 The pop star even runs out of the kitchen at one point.

By Maggie Shi

When Katy Perry invited Gordon Ramsay to cook with her during a YouTube livestream to promote her Witness album, she probably thought it sounded like fun. Cooking alongside one of the world's most famous chefs with top-notch skills and a swoon-worthy British accent—what could go wrong?

Well, it turns out that in Perry's case, things could go very wrong indeed. The two end up cooking the same dish—zucchini noodles with meatballs—side-by-side and are separated by a divider. They can't see each other, so Perry can only follow along with Ramsay's spoken instructions. "This is great," Perry initially says of the divider, noting that she needs to be a better listener so that she can "actually, truly be a great witness." Nice album tie-in!

Ramsay's rapid-fire instructions, however, quickly break down Perry's confidence in the kitchen. "Oh, crap!" she exclaims when she discovers she forgot to put an egg in her meatball. At one point Perry tries to call a time out, but Ramsay reminds her they're cooking live.

"This sucks!" she screams as she's trying to get her meatballs in the pan. When an alarm starts beeping, she loses it entirely and runs out of the kitchen.

Amazingly, Ramsay stays calm and doesn't yell once throughout the whole cooking segment. It's quite miraculous, actually. And at the end, he even manages to compliment her rather sad-looking dish with an unappetizing pool of watery liquid: "You've got the [zucchini noodle] nest there…um….it looks good."

What??? Gordon Ramsay saying something positive about a plate of food? You've gotta see it to believe it. Watch the whole video below:

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