Khloé Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Dropped So Many Clues They Were Pregnant

Khloé Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Dropped So Many Clues They Were Pregnant

It was a red alert! No one was paying attention!

By Marianne Garvey

Back, like last week, when the most exciting Kardashian-Jenner news was that Kim was expecting baby number three through a surrogate, the world thought that was the biggest secret the family was carrying. 

But, of course that wasn't the case. In true Kardashian fashion, their plump tuchuses were sitting on much, much, bigger news. And if you ever wonder why the family continues to be so famous, it's because the best soap opera writers on the planet couldn't come up with these storylines. Bruce? Now Caitlyn. Kim? Public pregnancy struggles. Khloé? Hiding the habits of a drug addict for years as reality cameras were all around. It's never ending. And now, fertile season has fallen upon the Kardashian-Jenner manor. 

It's almost all too much.

The sisters, one 20, one 33, are both single, with Kylie dating rapper Travis Scott, 25 and Khloé dating NBA star Tristan Thompson, 26. They are both said to be thrilled over the news.

In fact, three brand new babies will be arriving within months of each other; Kim's surrogate is due around February, Kylie will be having a girl in February, and Khloé around that same time. So they've all been pregnant since May.

And there were clues. There are always clues. 

In July, Khloé said she was no longer dying her roots. Pregnant women often let their roots grow out due to the harsh chemicals in hair dye that can seep into the scalp. 

Green smoothies are great for baby. 

That's not a hangover. It's morning sickness. 

Tell family the news?

And this. She's basically shouting it. Dad + Mom? Hello...

Kylie had "altitude sickness" in May. 

Mom knows. 

A telling retweet from Diddy on Aug. 8. 

New Lip Kit or baby?


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