Watch These Adorable Kids Taste Authentic Mexican Food for the First Time

Watch These Adorable Kids Taste Authentic Mexican Food for the First Time

See how these pint-sized foodies handled tamales, flan, and more.

By Drew DiSabatino

America’s a melting pot. Which means we get to enjoy diverse culture and, thankfully, cuisine from all over the world with ease. (So #blessed).

Unfortunately, without naming any names, some restaurant chains have been known to take those traditional cultural dishes and morph them into Americanized versions that leave the food in a sort of ghost-of-its-former-self situation. (Cough.)

Case in point: Mexican food.

To many Americans, Mexican food usually just means a limp burrito that costs 36 cents, or a taco wrapped in a giant Dorito™. But guess what? Not only does a traditional taco not include artificial cool ranch flavoring, the hard taco shell itself is a 100 percent American invention. (The same goes for fajitas and Cinco de Mayo celebrations as we know them.)

So, in a bid to save the future of authentic Mexican cuisine’s delicious role in our country, we’ve got to put our hope in those tiny things Whitney Houston so passionately believed were the future: 


In a righteous bid to get youngsters acclimated to more traditional Mexican foods, or just because it’s funny to watch kids eat things they don’t understand, the folks at Cut placed some authentically Mexican dishes in front of some (very hip-looking) kids and recorded their reactions. And how did it go?

“I never knew it was this…ok.”

Yeesh, not a glowing response, but they’re young. Their taste buds will change.

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