Kim Kardashian Is Considering Surrogacy for a Third Child

Kim Kardashian Is Considering Surrogacy for a Third Child

"I feel like surrogacy really is the only other option for me,” the #KUWTK mom shared after warnings from doctors.

By Eric Shorey

The most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed that Kim Kardashian is interested in having another baby. But speculation around a third pregnancy and confessional scenes from the show are leading many to believe that the media mogul might use a surrogate after warnings from a doctor got serious.

According to E!, Kim opened up about how the horrific experience of being robbed at gunpoint in Paris made her consider the value of childrearing anew. "Kanye and I have always talked about having more kids, but after what I went through in Paris, the urgency is even greater," she said, adding, "I'd just love nothing more than to expand my family and just know that I have this world at home that's safe. And if for some reason I left this earth sooner than I really wanted to, then my kids would have a support system at home so that I know that they would be OK if I wasn't here.”

Kim was also seen asking North if she’d like a baby brother or sister, to which she replied in the affirmative with enthusiasm.

Taking the matter seriously, Kim visited with a doctor who revealed to her that getting pregnant again could result in various complications and was not advisable, if not impossible.

"Not only has this been really painful, but now hearing that I can't carry any more kids, it couldn't get any worse," she said. "I mean, f***, like I really tried everything and I really want this and it's just not going to happen for me.”

"I feel like surrogacy really is the only other option for me,” she announced rather conclusively after sister Kourtney Kardashian asked whether she’d consider using a surrogate to carry another West scion.

Episodes of KUWTK are not filmed contemporaneously with their releases, so if Kourtney were carrying Kim’s child, we’d probably know by now. But that doesn’t mean Kim hasn’t looked into other options.

But who could possibly be entrusted with the duty of bearing Kimye’s next progeny?

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