Kim Kardashian Wants to Rent Out a Grocery Store for Her Birthday — But Why?!

Kim Kardashian Wants to Rent Out a Grocery Store for Her Birthday — But Why?!

Curious, but "unrelatable," as she notes.

By Alesandra Dubin

Think of a typical day in your life: Maybe it’s work, gym, grocery store, takeout, Netflix. Kim Kardashian’s day is not like that.

In fact, Kim is so removed from the trappings of everyday life as mere mortals experience them, that she’d actually like to simulate having a completely ordinary experience for her birthday.

During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing today, Kim said that what she really wanted for her birthday — she turned 37 on October 21 — was a chance to go grocery shopping one more time.

“This sounds so crazy and it may be unrelatable, so I’m sorry — but [what I really asked for my birthday was], ‘Can someone rent out Ralph’s [grocery store] for me for one hour?’ I want to go to Ralph’s with my kid in the cart and go through every aisle.”

She said she got the idea from watching her mom Kris Jenner’s 99 Cents Only Store segment on Ellen earlier in the month.

“I haven’t been to a grocery story in years,” she added. “I’m so jealous!”

So just to recap, Kim Kardashian’s life is so — Kim Kardashian — that she feels like a visit to a 99-cent store is an experience to covet.

Ellen noted that everyone would stop Kim for a selfie if she tried to just waltz into Ralph’s, minding her own business, in the middle of the day. But she suggested that perhaps Kim could rent out the market after hours.

Kim liked the idea: “I’ll wake up my kids,” she said. Or she suggested she might go in a disguise.

Because she really, really wants to go grocery shopping: “That’s my biggest miss. I miss the grocery store — filling up your house with groceries. That’s when I had my apartment, that was so much fun. I’d have to run to the grocery store. It sounds stupid.”

Watch the clip:

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