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Kim Kardashian's Rumored New Bodyguard: Elite Israeli Soldier Details Anti-Terrorist Training, Strategy in Exclusive Comments

Reports name ex-special forces soldier Aaron Cohen as the Kardashian-West family's new security head.

By Bryce Gruber

Former Israeli Special Forces soldier Aaron Cohen says there's nothing fake at all about the horrific robbery ordeal Kim Kardashian went through in Paris, as some doubters have suggested. And he says the loss of jewels was nothing compared to the very serious gaps in her security that could've left her and her family in serious danger. 

"There were many gaps in Kim's single-bodyguard security system," explains Cohen, who is rumored to be the Kardashian family's new head of security, according to Israel's Ynet. He's not authorized to speak on the rumors, but he can specify what has to happen to ensure the family's safety going forward: "I can't comment or confirm if I'll be handling their security. What I can tell you is what went wrong and what needs to happen starting immediately."

The former elite Duvdevan unit member was born and raised in the U.S. and headed to Israel in 1995 where he managed to work his way into one of the Israeli army's most important undercover anti-terrorism units. "The best skill I learned during my time in Duvdevan is a piece of training that every security expert needs: It's to always have a keen sense of observation. No matter where you are, you need to look for anomalies, and that's exactly what someone should've been looking for in terms of the Kardashian-West family." 

Cohen believes that someone, possibly without much knowhow or effort, surveilled Kim for a matter of hours or days leading up to her attack and heist, knowing the exact moment to hit her then-weak security detail.

"She was using a single-bodyguard system, and in Israel we always work with a multi-layer system. Kim had multi-layers of failure in Paris, but the way the Israeli Special Forces train is that there are always multiple layers of protection. It's the same way we would run security for El Al airlines at the airport."

For anyone who has ever flown to Israel or has extensive knowledge of airline security, El Al is basically the gold standard in safety — no stone is ever left unturned in terms of security.

"If I was handling Kim Kardashian's security my team would see the red flags before they would arise. I work with people from all over the world, but my team includes several former Mossad members, Shabak, and American Navy Seals and Green Berets."

Aaron's three years in Duvdevan proved to be the kind of tactical training few security professionals in the world receive — making former members some of the most highly sought after experts in their field. Another former unit member Yossef Hermon describes the unit as "Incredibly undercover. Our training and work had us almost always dressed as civilians, preparing us for the most sensitive anti-terrorism work in the real world. It's one thing to live and breathe as a soldier in a uniform, but if you're able to be the best of the best in plain clothes in every moment of your life — that's part of what makes you elite."

He added that Cohen's training likely started with, "establishing patterns of disguise and knowing how to maneuver unnoticed, and this is what makes his team so likely to be great at protecting a mega-star like Kardashian. The Israeli Special Forces units are actively used day and night, unlike other nations that spend their time just training with no time on the field. Aaron was trained to think on his feet and act before anything bad can even occur."

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