Kim Zolciak-Biermann "Disgusted and Appalled" After Stranger Calls Animal Control on Her

Kim Zolciak-Biermann "Disgusted and Appalled" After Stranger Calls Animal Control on Her

This is beyond outrageous.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Anyone who knows Kim Zolciak-Biermann is well aware that she is a die-hard dog lover and animal advocate.

Even after her young son Kash sustained a traumatic dog bite, the Don’t Be Tardy mom made sure to gently reintroduce him to puppiesShe said, “"Kroy and I felt it was super important to continue to encourage Kash to be around animals. Kash is an absolute animal lover and I didnt/don't want him to fear animals after all he has been through.”

More recently, Kim has taken in three foster puppies. The dogs—who she is fostering through a small, Atlanta-based organization called Keep Calm and Rescue—were rescued from deplorable conditions, chained up and malnourished in a man’s backyard. “In love!!” Kim posted on her Instagram. “If I could rescue all the dogs in this world I would! For the punk ass that treated these dogs so terribly Karma WILL find you.”

Kim frequently posts photos and videos of her beloved pets on Instagram and Snapchat. She has used her platform to promote the efforts of #AdoptDontShop and champion fostering to millions of fans. But over the weekend, a stranger called animal services and reported that Kim was not taking care of her pets. 

“Apparently somebody thought it would be really cute to call the animal control center on my dogs today and say that they were not being taken care of,” she said in a series of stories on Snapchat. “I am utterly f***ing disgusted and appalled by the person that did this.” In fact, Kim is so outraged that she says she will no longer be sharing any part of her dogs or their lives on social media.

Her family friend Tracey Bloom shared the following post on her Instagram:

This is my family. Minus a few kids. This is not only my TV family but it is a family that has welcomed me into their hearts. They give me tons of stuff. They take me on family vacations and gift me with things so great I can't even emotionally handle it. They don't post pictures of cute puppies for likes they have plenty of cute kids for that. For years I've watched people make nasty comments about their children that are too young to defend themselves. And we've all grown tough skin because that's just one of the negatives that comes with being in the spotlight and sharing your life on television. Today was especially upsetting because a stranger, a lurker a hater a judger and perhaps even a "fan" thought they should call animal services on my family because they felt that by viewing a post on snapchat that their animals were being mistreated. Animal services was not there long after seeing the impeccable conditions that the dogs were in. Kim has become an advocate for #animalrescue and #adoptdontshop she has brought awareness to millions of people. I witness their pure true hearts on a daily basis. After their son was bitten by a dog and almost lost his sight they immediately called on experts to re introduce animals into his life. He loves dogs. They were not left scorned by what an animal did. They continued with their rescue efforts. Even while on vacation they made 2 stray sick dogs part of their family and making sure they were cared for long after we left. They have not instagramed their balance sheet of good deeds bc they don't need to. But I'm glad to air that laundry. Personally they've donated dozens of crates hundreds of pounds of dog food and thousands of dollars to dogs they've never even met. Recently 3 very sick dogs needed a foster and they stepped up even creating an IG page just for them. Those 3 pups have experienced more love and attention that most of us will get in a lifetime. It's shameful that someone who thinks they know something or maybe someone just wants to throw hate. I hope you realize that you have a great impact on furthering animal rescue. After all that's what you wanted right? I don't know what Kim will do with her social

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Kim then Instagrammed the following screengrabs of messages that the alleged perpetrators have been posting on social media:

This story is developing.

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