Grilled Cheese Latkes! 6 Delicious Spins on Classic Potato Pancakes

Grilled Cheese Latkes! 6 Delicious Spins on Classic Potato Pancakes

Try a different one every night.

By Aly Walansky

It's hard to argue with the deliciousness of your basic latke, that piping-hot, crispy, savory potato pancake that forms a much-anticipated part of the Hanukkah celebration. But even a plate of fried potatoes can get a little boring after a while. And while there are lots of ways you can create variety with toppings and condiments, you can also add an unexpected spin to the latkes themselves. Check out these 6 irresistible versions: Some even leave out the potatoes.

1. Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food—made even more indulgent when you introduce the concept to potato pancakes, as The Nosher does. The latkes are made in the traditional way; once you fry them, add cheese and then use two latkes to create a “sandwich.” Not the lowest-fat option, but delicious.

2. Cilantro jalapeno

Many latke recipes call for adding fried onions or garlic to boost the flavor of potatoes. Herbs and peppers are an even better option, and this recipe from Leite’s Culinaria adds a Southwestern touch with lime, jalapeño and cilantro. There’s also a chipotle sour cream recipe included, to up the flavor levels even more.

3. Indian potato, ginger and carrot

Indian flavors go great with latkes, as in this recipe from Jewish Food Experience, which adds curry and chilies to ginger, carrots and potatoes to make a fantastic latke. Pair with mango chutney to keep the Indian theme going.

4. Vegan

Latkes are traditionally vegetarian but the recipes often involve eggs. World of Vegan made their potato pancakes completely vegan, and that goes for the accompanying onion dip too. The latkes take on a distinctly chip-and-dip feel.

5. Classic potato

Some of us will always crave the straight-up traditional. Breaking Matzo’s classic potato pancakes fit the bill, and will feel comfortingly familiar if you're entertaining old friends and family who don’t want to get all fancy with their latkes.

6. Brussels sprouts

In this latke recipe from Tajinny, brussels sprouts replace potatoes and join with brown rice, garlic and chili flakes to make a flavor-packed and health-conscious version of the classic.

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