Dog Cakes So Realistic, You'll Think They're Breathing

Dog Cakes So Realistic, You'll Think They're Breathing

Wait, these are cakes?

By Kristyn Pomranz

In the past decade or so, elaborate, show-stopping cakes have become all the rage. They are officially a staple at every major life celebration, and they’ve even garnered approximately 300 television shows dedicated to them. (Petition to bring back Top Chef: Just Desserts.)

The most impressive creations are usually the ones that have elaborate fondant or sugar work that transforms the cake into something almost unrecognizable as food. And one such cake artist—Laura Loukaides—creates confections that look exactly like real animals, and as the kids are saying, we are “shook.”

Here is some of her most mind-blowing work:

The multi-award winning cake artist has her own YouTube channel where she shares tutorials on how to make these cakes yourself, but it’s honestly laughable to think that her level of talent and artistry can be mimicked. 

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