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Lea Michele Can't Travel Without These 5 Things (Spoiler: They're Non-Diva, Practical Essentials You Need to Pack Too)

She's addicted to yoga pants, because celebs: They're just like us.

By Bryce Gruber

Lea Michele's stage life is pretty glam, especially now that her new album, Places, is rising to the top of charts. But her travel life? Well, that's hardly all sequins and lash extensions — because it turns out her ride-or-die travel essentials are all about comfort. "Lately I travel like every single day," she told Jet Set. "And I'm traveling on tour right now because of my album. Oh my god, I'm traveling all the time, and the hardest part is just staying healthy on the road." True story! (Here are some tips from a Real Housewife that might help, Lea.) These are the essentials that keep her going:

1. Sneakers

"This may sound crazy," she told us, "but working out is so important to me, and it doesn't matter if I'm only in town for a short time — I'm going to make time to work out. Fitness is important, which means traveling with good sneakers is non-negotiable in my life."

Seattle✌🏻// tour life

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2. Essential oils

If it seems like everyone is on board the essential oils train lately, you're right — because even mega-celebs like Lea claim certain blends keep her calm and happy when she's on the road. "There are a few blends that are made just to have soothing, calming effects that I literally cannot travel without. You use a few dabs and it's like the world around you changes. They're on every flight with me and in every hotel room."

3. Hummus and carrot sticks

"You know what makes me such a diva? I put Sabra hummus and carrot sticks on all my concert riders, and it's been my go-to snack since I was basically a kid. Eating healthy on the road is nearly impossible, and I'm either spending all my time googling where I can get healthy stuff or dipping my carrot sticks all day." Hey, Lea: If you think carrots and hummus make you a diva — well, consider these over-the-top tour demands! (But full disclosure: Lea has a promotional deal with Sabra.)

4. Yoga pants

Celebs, they're just like us — because even they want to live their best lives in stretchy pants. "I cannot ever get enough workout clothes. I can't get enough of the comfortable stuff, and when you're on the road a lot you start to get homesick. There's something about just wearing really comfy workout pants or pajamas that sort of makes you feel less homesick, and I love that. I wouldn't even consider traveling without my workout clothes!"

A post shared by Lea Michele (@leamichele) on

5. Noise-canceling headphones

"It's not even about the noise on the plane, it's just the noise of everything and the opportunity to disconnect and have real quiet time. My noise-canceling headphones are super important to me because that few hours on the plane or in the car might be the only time to myself that I actually get."

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