This Restaurant's Colorful Lego-Themed Burgers Let You Play with Your Food

This Restaurant's Colorful Lego-Themed Burgers Let You Play with Your Food

Don't even try to resist.

By Bryce Gruber

If you're the type who loves a really hands-on eating experience, good news: a new-ish burger joint in the Philippines is standing out from the crowd by offering all of its burgers on a choice of Lego brick-shaped buns. If you're wondering, yes, the offerings at Brick Burger come complete with the little knobs that lock into other bricks, and come in red, yellow and black.

The burgers are topped with dreamy comfort foods like mac n cheese, bacon crumbles, and sauces, and are meant to be consumed while taking in the full Lego theme. The restaurant is decorated to look like a shrine to the interlocking blocks. If you're wondering what the people at the toy company think about this restaurant, you'll probably be intrigued to know that they're in no way affiliated, and when they found out about the Pasig City burger outpost tweeted this.

The surprised-face emoji makes it hard to tell if the company is happy or about to send a cease-and-desist order. But either way, it's hard not to admit that those buns look pretty tempting.

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The restaurant has been open since 2016 and also features other, non-toy food items like fries and chicken, but needless to say the main attraction are those squishy, colorful hamburger buns. And if you're wondering what happens if you order a double-decker burger, so are we. The only solution? Fly on over and find out for yourself.

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